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Stationery items such as business card, letterhead, envelop, CD, etc are vital for a business. All the stationery items have their own significant advantages, but particularly, your business card or visiting card and your office’s letterhead hold a high place for your business. Your business card is your quick identity; you can give them to your clients, friends and more to get new business contacts or renew the old ones. You business card normally has your contact details that can help your clients contact you via telephone, email or online.  While there are numerous advantages of a business card, your letterhead is also very important. It’s your official communication paper where you can write to your clients, customer and anybody else officially– and all about your business.  As such, stationery items with professional and cool-looking designs can leave a great impact on your business contacts and thereby your business itself.

In this post, I bring you some stationery designs downloads such as business card, letterhead, envelop and CD label. “CreActiva” stationery has 4 .PSD files for free download. The logo is also custom made to fulfill the need of the entire stationery creation. All the stationery files are in 300dpi resolution; and care has been taken to create them in the standard print sizes with CMYK mode.  Each PSD file has all the layers in relevant folders for easy editing of text and other necessary graphics. The fonts used in the work is Nevis and Arial from Happy download.

CreActiva Business Card

CreActiva Letterhead

CreActiva Envelope

CreActiva CD Label

Author: Rafi
File Resolution: 300dpi (CMYK)
Format: Photoshop files
Size: 2.97 MB  (zip)

Download all the .PSD files

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    • Geeth

      very useful this design. Thank you

    • Prdaeep


      Design Fuel Members
      I am Pradeep From India (Graphic Designer)

    • Shamshad ali

      Thank you.

    • Ashish

      really this is very cool work,,,and useful for me thx for sharing

    • Taylor

      Is there a way to save the .psd files into a printable .docx file? I’m just trying to figure out the best way to print this template once it’s finished.

      I usually send letters to my secretary to have printed out, but she doesn’t have photoshop. Should I just save as a .jpeg?

    • Junior

      Thank you for sharing this excellent work.

    • Jo Douglas

      Thank you very much for sharing your hard work with us who are still learning Photoshop! I appreciate your efforts, truly!

      • Hardy Luke


    • Michael

      thanks a lot, it helps when you have to do all things yourself, this is one thing done. thanks for this package, you are a rough diamond. 🙂

    • irfan

      thanks for great sharing …. keep posting 🙂

    • Najm

      Hay! Thanks alot for the files. They really helped.

    • Brett Widmann

      This software looks liek it could be really handy. However, I think I have enough experiance with other software to make it 100% original.

    • Ari Arsyadi

      I found this one very useful. Nice job!

      • Rafi

        Thank you, Ari.

    • GraphicsFuel

      Stationery designs downloads such as business card, letterhead, envelop and CD label. “CreActiva” stationery has 4 .PSD files for free download. 300dpi resolution in the standard print sizes with CMYK mode.

    • create mirror

      can I copy this post? i will link back to this post.. let me know please, thanks

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