13 High-Resolution Blur Backgrounds

Friends, here’s a set of 13 high resolution blur backgrounds that you can use to display your designs, UI elements, apps, websites, headings, etc. You can even use them as your desktop, laptop or mobile phone wallpapers. These are JPEG images on a large canvas of 2560×1600 pixels.

Preview of the backgrounds

Author: Rafi
File Resolution: 2650 × 1600 pixels
File Format: PSD
Keywords: High-resolution blur backgrounds, Backgrounds, Wallpapers
Size: 4.63MB (zip)
License: Royalty-free, Free for personal and commercial use

Download High-Resolution Blur Backgrounds

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  • Kamruzzaman

    This is a most important blog and it’s a very helpful for us . Thanks for sharing .

  • Dinamicostudio

    thank you very much for share this background ..

  • Khen

    Thanks! Look awesome for my mobile site

  • Michael Dudley

    Thank you ever so much. I am new at web page design and needed something to spark my creativity…this did the trick. Thanks again.

  • JoeyDoug

    Thank you for sharing your work! As a student photographer, these come in handy!!

  • jackyoy


  • Rikon

    Thank you. Downloaded all of them and going to use them on my next projects 🙂

  • ling


  • ed

    thanks man

  • Marilynn

    It is truly a beauty during the early Fall when the leaves
    are changing. Some people even remodel their garages at the same time
    they build a pool. I can almost hear the lilt of their voices in the soft warm breeze,
    “Well done, boys.

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