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10 WaterColor Circle Textures

 In Backgrounds, Textures

Friends, last week I purchased watercolor kit to play around with some watercolor textures and graphics. I was actually an artist before being a digital graphic designer and I still long for the days I used to paint in water and oil colors. So beautiful and satisfying in the heart!! Anyway, having played around with these watercolor tubes, here’s the result of the hard-work: transparent circular watercolor textures.

Also, I am working more on watercolor textures and elements these days and this will going to be a huge pack that I am going to release with my new service upcoming in a few weeks. So stay tuned for more info.  In the meanwhile, download and use these textures in your next artistic designs or logos.

Watercolor Circle Textures

File Format: .PNG
Resolution: 300dpi
File Size: 57.2 MB

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