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40+ brilliantly illustrated logo designs

A logo is a brand identity of any personal, academic, government, non-profit or business entity. As such, a logo designed with correct elements combined with the apt color combos can deliver its true meaning, and can stand out as a memorable trademark for a long-term.

When it comes to designing logos, viewing other designer’s logo works can be a great source of inspiration to create your own unique logo design. The following handpicked logos have very creative  and eye-catchy illustrations as their logotypes. Usually, these types of  illustrations are created in Adobe Illustrator, however, they can also be designed in Adobe Photoshop and other vector design tools.

I hope these illustrated logos can inspire you to come out with your perfect illustrative logo.  Even as I am a fan of all the logos listed here, my favorites are more than just a few. So, let me know which ones do you like and why?


Ruben’s Nut

Hidalgo Stout

Doctor Jivago


Al Nabulsi

Autobot Cookie



Branded American

By Award


Color Accounting


Elite Physique

Feedcaste RSS



Hunter Race

Imported Mexican Foods

Infinite Monkey Press

Jaguar Pale Ale

Lab Rat

Lancashire Landscapes

Lion Bird

Logo Hero

Macho Grill

Midas Studios


Revo Creative


Seoul Food


Sushi City

Tanzer Madien

Travel World



Lapis Boenda


Rockit Nightclub

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  1. awesome logos ..Last one is great.Thanks for sharing

  2. bacteri is perfect logo

  3. LionBird is 1 out of 40…

  4. Great work!! Ruben’s Nut is funny! :-)

  5. Amazing logo……inspiring ……………………….

  6. amazing logos,

  7. Awesome logo designs. Thanks for sharing.

  8. how can u download thus logo

    • Rana, these are only showcase of the logo designs for inspiration, not for download. :)

  9. Do you know,it’s not possible that do these good logos in my country

  10. dont know about logos but these are very good for humor i liked bobry and tuna.

  11. Cool collection of logos! Inspiring .Thanks for sharing.

  12. Great collection of inspiring logos. Travel World and Lion Bird are my favorites. Amazing logos have been showcased here.
    Thanks for the post. Love it!!!

  13. Revo, Logo Hero, Midas, Nuked, Seasons. While great illustrations, it’s hard for me to grasp the sensible application of these outside of the web. Logos should have finesse not embellishment and be simply clever. A lot of these miss this mark and are just over-executed.

  14. Logos? no. Symbols? a couple. Illustrations? yes. Brilliant?? not quite. Hunter Race was the only sophisticated one posted, with maybe 2 closely following. The amount of detail and embellishments don’t even make half of these qualify as a successful (or timeless) solution. Nice try though.

  15. Great collection, some really well crafted solutions here, great work.

  16. Awesome collection.. Bobry and Rockit Nightclub are simple. creative and amazing.. All great logo design in the showcasae. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, Bobry & Rockit Nightclub are simple yet amazing logos, and their logo icons / logotypes tend to convey their own messages attractively. Your favorites are a good choice. Keep them coming.

  17. Very nice collection of illustrated logo designs, thanks for the inspiration

    • Thank you, Eko.

  18. Awesome Logo designs.


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