Giveaway: 200 UI Design Icons For 5 Lucky Winners From PixelGlyph

Friends, today we are happy to announce a very useful giveaway of 200 UI design icons from PixelGlyph. Five of our lucky readers will be picked up randomly using and each winner will get a copy of the $25 pack for free! You can use the icons for iOS toolbars, tab bars, Android apps, websites, etc.

About the Sponsor

FileSquare knows better than others that how helpful a handy design depot is, because FileSquare itself is a prototyping service provider, and the designers of FileSquare also have other mobile/web projects such as PandaForm, Labelbox, Snapshot, Spentable and so on.

They just launched a new set of 200 well-designed icons, which are perfect for iOS toolbars and tab bars, Android app, websites, t-shirts, tattoos… anything you want to use then for.

They decide to host a contest with GraphicsFuel, so you have the chance to win 200 icons in all formats you need (PNG, EPS, AI) for FREE!

About PixelGlyph

PixelGlyph is a set of icons, and it comes with two versions.

The free version has 2 sizes (16 and 48 pixels squared), 1 color and in PNG format. You can directly download this 4.2MB zip from its website. Just leave your email, and download link will be sent to your inbox. No other information required.

For $25 version, besides PNG files, FileSquare provides you with the vector source files in AI and EPS formats. It’s better for you to have vector icons because you’ll be able to change them into the color and size that you want.

How to win

  • All you have to do is to leave your comment below as to how you’d like to use this giveaway if you win.
  • Share this post on Twitter or Facebook. You’ll find the share icons on the left.

Important Notes

  • The giveaway ends on February 14th, 2013 Thursday. All comments submitted after that date are not accepted.
  • Please make sure to submit your correct email address.
  • Winners are determined randomly using
  • Comment once. Multiple comments with the same email address are rejected.

Preview of the Icons

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Showing 61 comments
  • Mihla

    I’ll probably use the icons in my latest web design project.

  • Mustaffa

    Oh my I currently have few projects on hand and oh my I do need this icons to further enhance my projects . Thanks and PixelGlyph

  • M.

    These would be wonderful additions to the website that we’re working on. It’s a website devoted to talented, creative people looking for work. We hope to bring businesses and creative people together by hosting mini-portfolios of creators, encouraging them to network and exchange ideas, to inspire one another. Keep an eye out for Creators’ Cafe. We’re going places and hope you’ll come along with us. 🙂

  • Renae Wood

    As a new freelance designer, there are still so many things to learn. I am also searching the internet for new tools to help make my designing easier and new tutorials to increase my skill levels. I am new at UI design and these would be perfect with designing mobile apps and websites I design.

  • Gabriele Malaspina

    Great set, would be perfect for my web designs.

  • ichigo

    I’m looking for nice and simple icons for the Android app I’m working on and these icons are perfect for it! It’s nice to know that these are for giveaway so I have to join right away to get a chance to win the set!
    Thank you GraphicsFuel and have a nice day!

  • Dennis

    I would use them on future websites that I build.

  • Martin

    As a webdesigner I am constantly searching the web for good icons to use in my sites. So having a chance to win these would be more than welcome:-).

  • Hence Wijaya

    Love the icons

  • Yuni Ardita Sari Dewi

    Sweeet! I will use these sweet icons for my design project. This would be very useful for me.

  • Michelle

    I am always trying to learn more with web design and mobile.
    These would be great to have on hand in a vector format to change colors to match what currently working with! Love GraphicsFuel! Sooo helpful.
    Thanks for all the great free useful tools givenway!


    hello, rafi i want to win the price 丨Very Good!!

  • Ingrid

    These icons are terrific! I would use them cross platform on web, iPad, iPhone, Android devices and interactive TV application design.

  • Ingrid

    These icons are absolutely great! I would most certainly use them in our web, iPad, Android, mobile devices and interactive TV applications design.

  • Angel Lehmann

    I am starting a new job the end of this month where I could use these elements almost daily.
    Would be an honour to use them. Thanks.

    God bless.

  • GVS

    I work for money – Design with Passion.
    I love to win things. Winning is Everything!!@!!

  • D Sandhu

    Design in its real meaning is the simplest set of dots and lines which make sense in a particular context. I like the ones you’ve made. They do convey the meanings they should. Thanks.

  • John

    You could pick me to win. I’d love to use these for ultra clean web design.

  • Heather UpChurch

    I’ll be honest… I just want these because I’m a graphics hoarder. :))))

  • Dennis O'Brien

    Hi Peeps @ Graphics Fuel

    You rock my world with your exciting emails. I open EVERY one of them each time and you target the right material for me 99% of the time. I may not purchase or download them all even though I would love to but those I do are top quality and sit in my GrahicsFuel folder.

    These particular items are indeed a valuable set for use in both my Business Apps and Mobile Website templates. I downloaded the free ones to take a look and I feel I will download the others if I don,t win. Congratulations on a great site and a great way to get traffic.

    Yours Appreciatively 🙂

  • Frankie

    I would love to win because i love to win things.
    Winning is Everything! oh yea… and i would use these icons ,in my projects, to bring world peace through the beauty of design….amen

  • BJ

    These icons could be great for use in the publications that I layout. They are clean and consistent and cover a wide variety of “uses.” Thanks! BJ

  • Greg Hicks

    I would use these in several of my custom web apps I build for my clients. Would be much nicer than my horrible attempts at making pretty icons. 😉

  • André Luiz

    What good news! I would love to use in my newest project, Facebook Fan Pages and certain sites!



  • Kevin

    Always can use some more icons 🙂

  • Zain Lakhani

    These are very useful and important icon, I would Love to win this giveaway so that i can use them in my projects. these icon are helpful and I definitely want these.

    Zain Lakhani

  • Matt

    I <3 icon (hoping that heart turned into an icon, as a matter of fact.) These are nicely done and would love to have them in my collection. Good luck to me! 🙂

  • Adnan Inayat ali

    I love these icon 🙂 will use em in my projects as these are really clean and nice 🙂

  • Nasir

    Hi admin.. I need a free giveaway fotolia subscription but it is too late now.. is there any chance to launch a new giveaway fotolia subscription.. and i can share some psd web designing stuff design by me on your page with my name.. how it will happened.

  • Allison

    I’d use them on the portal project I’m working on at UC Berkeley.

  • arifur rahman

    hello, rafi i want to win the price 🙂

  • Sirbu Calin

    Hello , i´m Calin and i whould like to win this because i could use it on different projects on the way , thanks.

  • Avia

    I would use these awesome icons to jump-start my attempts to create a new bi-lingual WordPress template as well possible example for a UI/UX course I’ll be taking later this month. 🙂

  • Sumon Selim

    I will use this on my project and personal websites.

  • Praveen Gowda I V

    I am redesigning my web development blog and I would use them along with the new design.

  • Imran Ali Dina

    These are really very useful icons. I’m a mobile app designer so definitely these are very very useful for me and I would love to use them in my next project.

  • JEFF

    Nice and clean. Great base icons! Thanks.

  • Roger Fullerton

    Truly great icons! I am a web designer, new to the field, and if I win this giveaway I will definitely put these icons to good use in all my projects.


    yay! I would love to win this graphic set!

  • Watt

    Let’s give it a try… 🙂

  • Ralph

    Mucho fantastico! Very useful!

  • Paul


    I would love it for website development.

  • Ivan

    On theme forest for start :))) They are great, I can make millions with them 😉

  • PAUL

    I would love to win these icons but i can’t bring myself to creep and i also know that there is little chance of me using them as I draw my own if required. I hope that any designer worth his salt would do the same plus a few of these are direct copies from photoshop anyway.

    Designers: aim higher and never go mainstream … if you are American ignore this as I ‘m afraid YOU do indeed all the help you can get

  • Franck

    ’ll use “PixelGlyph” in all my projects web and mobile application 🙂
    It’s very attractive icons and excellent !

  • Bilal

    I would love to use some of these icons in the iOS Mobile Apps i make for the iPhone/iPad.

  • bjennis

    Can always use these type of icons in my web design work…

  • victor

    It’s a real nice and complete collection of symbols to use on a website

  • Eric Puigmarti

    Hey! I would love to win this pixelglyph pack to use on my portfolio site and a few new mobile project that are coming up!!

  • Marco

    I’d use it on my new ios app

  • John

    For mobile usage, and setting up responsive webpages, these would be a great starting point!

  • Catalin


    I would like to win them to use them to create beautiful mobile apps designs.


  • bb

    thats real timesavin’ stuff 🙂

  • Ninja

    Awesome Icons! I need this icons for my website.

    – Thanks

  • yago

    I’d love to use them in mobile version of my web 🙂

  • András Dóczi

    I would use them for an app I’m making as my degree work. It would be awesome if I could focus on coding and not worry about what icons to choose/draw. 🙂

  • Dante Mdz.

    I’ll use “PixelGlyph” in a mobile application that I’m starting, and also improve my projects.
    Great giveaway.

  • Ann

    For my newest webdesign they would look great!

  • Alejandro Valladares

    Good day!

    I would like to win them to use the accounting program design and a browser, I see very attractive icons that would excellent.

    Thanks for giving this opportunity.

    PS: pardon my English, guilt is google.traslate xD

  • dodo

    i will use this giveaway to creation interfaces in my aplications under filemaker

  • Kristen

    Hi! I’d love to win this giveaway. I will be embarking on a website redesign project this year, as well as creating a mobile version, and this pack would definitely come in handy.