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Product Packaging Box PSD Mockup

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Friends, today’s freebie is a PSD mockup of product box. This type of product box display is one of the widely used when it comes to showcasing some software product, package or a bundle.

This  product display box is created using shape layers and smart-objects in Photoshop and adding your product cover and spine designs is as easy as double-clicking. You can just double-click the first top two smart-object layers in the PSD file and add your standard flat cover design and save to apply on the box.  This is just simple. Please let me know what you think or if you’ve any question.



File Format: PSD
Layers: Yes, Smart-objects
File Size: 1.08 MB


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    Showing 14 comments
    • saranya sripada

      Can I use it for commercial purpose putting out box design on it? Is it possible to resize the box?

    • toplu sms

      Very nice sharing. Thank you

    • jess

      This is great! Can you explain to me how this is working? I am teaching to hight school students and I would like to be able to explain to them how when they hit save it automatically saves in to the skewed shape. Thanks!

    • njikolai

      In older versions of PS, right click on the layer and Edit Contents. When you’re donde, just close the window and save changes!

    • Kendall Falk

      but how can I tweak the dimensions of the box? And have it ready for print?

    • Matt

      This is great! Just what I need, thanks for sharing!

    • McPhoto

      great, damn, work. Thank you!

    • Benjamin

      Thanks a lot, perfect with the DIN-Format 🙂

    • Nour el din

      thanks yoooOoOoOooou *singing*

    • Van Din

      Thanks a lot. This helps me very much

    • Efrén


    • Matthew Bogdan

      Great work. This is very much appreciated. Hope to see more fun stuff, and hopefully be able to give something back. THANKS!!!!!! : ) Matt

    • Deaner

      Double clicking in photoshop isn’t doing anything. What am I missing here?

      • Rafi

        Hi Deaner, you have to double-click the top 2 layers named, “BOX RIGHT ARTWORK” and “SPINE ARTWORK”. You can close and open the PSD file or the Photoshop itself.

        Also, please check which version of Photoshop you are using. I made the mockup in Photoshop CC and I believe that smart-objects work fine in the versions that support smart-object layers.

        Hope this helps!

    What do you think?