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Giveaway: Win 3 Annual Subscriptions From PixelKit

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We have news to brighten your day: The innovative team behind PixelKit is offering 3 of their Annual Membership Subscriptions, which can be won by you – our readers!

If you are one of the three fortunate winners of the contest, you will be given access to an Annual Membership Account with PixelKit at absolutely no charge to you! This is a dream come true for any website designer, as is home to thousands of great graphics. If you take a look at their selection, you will find icons, sliders, buttons, and all of the other elements you could possibly want for your navigation controls and applications – 100% customizable for UI kits.

Entering to win an annual subscription is incredibly easy. Here’s how:

  • Add a comment to this post. Explain to us why you should be chosen as a winner, and let us know how you will use your subscription.
  • Share the news with your Twitter followers by posting the message: Win a free @PixelKitcom Membership Account from @[your Twitter] (RT to Enter).
  • Tell your Facebook friends about PixelKit by clicking “Like” on the PixelKit Facebook page.
  • The giveaway runs for 10 days from 23rd Feb to 4th March 2015. Winners will be selected randomly.

You are already likely excited about the idea of winning your own subscription. If you are still on the fence, consider the main benefit of winning – you get to save money, energy, and time, while reducing hassle. You will immediately receive access to numerous great UI kits. This will give you the ability to quickly finish one project and move on to another.

Below are just a few examples of the many UI kits and icon sets you will be able to receive:

Swanky Outlines – Outlines Icon Set

Creating a flat or modern website or application? This vector outline icon set will suit your needs perfectly.

Swanky Outlines

Modern Touch – Flat UI Kit

This flat UI kit combines form and function flawlessly. You will be able to create the ideal balance, including margins, colors, and formatting that really do provide a modern touch, showcasing the content on the site.

Modern Touch

Charming Boutique – Shopping Icons

One of the keys to a successful eCommerce platform is the addition of compelling shopping icons and calls to action. This kit contains 30 modern and flat icons that will encourage plenty of transactions.

 Charming Boutique

Fashion Ave UI Kit – eCommerce UI Kit

This eCommerce UI kit is specialized to provide high-quality solutions for the fashion industry niche. If you are developing a shopping website that requires an exquisite and polished look, this kit is the one for you.

 Fashion Ave

Gentle Edges – Minimalist Icon Set

Minimalist icon sets are highly sought after for their sleek and modern appearance. This set is extraordinary, as it provides over 1,000 vectorized icons, organized within 46 categories that will make completing your commercial projects a breeze.

 Gentle Edges

Metro Vibes – Metro UI Kit

Want to infuse your next project with a modern metro feel? This UI kit provides all of the tools you’ll need to efficiently deliver the high quality results you seek.

Metro Vibes

Snow Flakes – Winter UI Kit

This winter UI kit fits perfectly with the cold season and if you are looking to built a ski resort website you are in good hands. This kit offers a wide variety of elements starting with posts, filters, forms, pricing tables and ending with typography examples, sliders and footers.

Snow Flakes

We have something else awesome to introduce you to– check out the Free PixelKit Bootstrap UI Kits. These ultra modern HTML templates are available for you to download and use to create extremely cool and highly functional web designs.

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    • Derek

      I love anything free!!

    • vietnamrum

      Pixelkit have excellent Kits. Annual Membership Account with PixelKit would be brilliant for creating new websites for my customers.

      facebook liked.

      Great giveaway, thanks.

      Good luck to everyone.

    • Jack

      ‘Cause this subscription will help me lots on my Plans to set up my own start up comany or to start whole new thinking Processes about usability and redefining design.

      Sorry for my bad english, I’m from Germany.

    • TorVic

      I have many project that are pending and it will really help me in designing my website.

    • WY

      A great resource to add to my portfolio of tools. Thanks.

    • Jogs

      Hi, I am a graphic designer. Though I use my own designs everywhere, some times certain projects need pre-made items. Thats why I need a subscription.
      Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Lh

      Thanks for giveaway!

    • Petar

      I’m a front-end developer from Croatia, and I enjoy great design. If I win this giveaway I’ll use resources from Pixelkit to improve and develop projects that I’m working on.

    • Stella

      I am a graphic and web designer at a boutique studio and we are currently working on a lot of web and app development projects. It would be a great gift for our small team since we’re doing research for graphic resources and hopefully building a great library of our own.

    • Frank Mohnhaupt

      I´m a Webdesigner and can use the stuff in some off my projects. 🙂

    • CCS

      I’m currently working on a mobile version of our application and the UI offering from PixelKit would be a BIG help!

    • Carlos

      Hello, I am in Webmaster and Pixelkit has excellent Kits that will leave my very best work. Congratulations for your hard work Pixelkit team.

    • Franco

      I would love to get this, it would help me in my start up in mobile apps and mobile design. Thanks!

    What do you think?