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GraphicsFuel is home to a range of free and premium design resources, and inspiration to help you have fun creating awesome design stuff!

Hello friends, my name is Rafi. I am a graphic designer, artist, blogger and a husband and a dad of three super active kids.

I started GraphicsFuel in 2010 with the aim to help myself and my friends in the design space. Over the years, I have been creating and sharing design resources, tips and tutorials to inspire your creative passion.

I believe in quality over quantity, and hope you guys like my quality designs. Additionally, I post design articles, deals, featured freebies and free hand-picked photos from various sources to fuel you with your design needs.

For people who are looking out to download useful graphics, free PSD files, UI kits, textures, mockups, icons, templates, etc, this blog is a great source.


Want To Contribute?

I am definitely more than happy if you’d like to contribute and share your design freebies, giveaways and articles to the awesome design community. By featuring your free resource, you will not only helping the community, but also will gain exposure and appreciation to your work. Sounds great? Please use the contact form and submit your freebie.


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It’s awesome to get connected with new people and hear their feedback and views.  You can always use comments form to express your thoughts related to each post. You can always feel free to browse through the website and download free or premiums resources. If you’ve some serious business, or just want to say “Hello” to me, contact me here.

Thank you for being here!

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