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Search Over 25 Million Graphics

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Search Over 25 Million Graphics

Terms of Use

We have updated our license policy. All the previous license terms including the terms in the “readme.txt” or “license PDF” file in the free download files will be replaced by the following new licensing terms.  So, please read carefully.

Paid License:

By purchasing an individual graphic design item or items from, you are being granted the following non-exclusive license and you are required to abide by the licensing terms.


  • Use the purchased items for your personal and commercial projects.
  • Use the purchased items for your client works.
  • Use purchased installable add-on items such as fonts, actions, brushes, shapes, etc., on a single computer but can be used for multiple projects.
  • Use purchased items for unlimited times.
  • Use a purchased website PSD layout / PSD theme template and convert it to HTML site and use it for yourself or your client work.
  • Use purchased icons, graphics, styles, effects, add-ons, fonts as part of your theme development intended to sell on marketplaces.
  • Modify the purchased items to fit your design needs.

Extended License: Extended license allows you to use the purchased items to create your end product (both web and print media) intended to sell to multiple people. You can make any number of copies and sell them unlimited times. For example, you can use purchased icons in your themes that are intended to sell on marketplaces. However, you should NOT include the purchased icons in your themes as an additional bonus or stock file. Items that come under extended license are textures, icons, user interface kits, web elements, vector files and brushes only.


  • Use purchased item(s) to sublicense, sell, rent, transfer, distribute or redistribute or offer as giveaway.
  • Use converted HTML PSD Layout / PSD Theme template to sell it on marketplaces or distribute as giveaway.
  • Include purchased items “as is” as a separate or included downloadable item in your theme files intended for sale on marketplaces.
  • Use a purchased item in your logo and or trademark it.
  • Modify the purchased items and put them up for sale or distribution. For example, you can tweak an icon set as per your design requirement, but you cannot put the icons set itself up for sale or distribution. 

No refund is paid for purchased items as these are digital downloadable goods.

Free License

  • The freebie resources provided on are free for use in both personal and commercial projects including single or multiple projects such as app or themes.
  • Free license require attribution by linking back to the specific download page of the resource or directly to
  •  Do NOT upload our source files to other servers and distribute / redistribute them as your own either in part or whole. Any form of our resource sharing should link back to the appropriate source page on GraphicsFuel. and its staff are not liable for any damages or losses arising out of using our free or paid design items.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for clarification.

30 thoughts on “Terms of Use”

  1. Hey Rafi,

    I liked the free psd I got, and want to use this for my client, with a modification,
    Can I get a Quote for the PSD, or do I have to link back to use it


    1. Joseph, you can use the PSD file for your client with the modification. You don’t need a quote for the PSD, you can use it for free. Please give a credit link, but it’s NOT compulsory. Happy downloading. 🙂

    1. Yes, you can use my graphics in both personal and commercial works. But you should not sell or distribute or redistribute the graphics as your own. Thank you and happy downloading!

  2. Hi Rafi

    Great site. Love your work. Will gladly give you a link for all your work i use.

    Keep it up.

  3. Your term of use is just too complicated and hard to use. It sounds like CC-Non Commercial, doesn’t it?
    Just make it easy to understand for everyone, using CC license.

    1. Daniel, I guess I made the terms of use pretty clear already in different ways as different people download the files. To the point, the basic usage condition is that “the downloaded resource files can be used for your personal or client’s work. However, the resource files should NOT be used for commercial purposes such as selling the files, distribution or redistribution or hosting of the files on your or third party’s server.” If you want to post my design resource on your website/blog as a roundup so your readers should make use of it, you should link it back to the original post page, so your readers can download the file from my blog. Well, I hope this clarifies your doubt.

  4. if i use you site psd in our own product which we sale in codecanyon. and link to your site that this resource we take for this site. And give your file also to download. Will you give us permission. I am the top author on codecanyon but i am a programmer. So i need graphics file. If you give us permission. then it will popular your site.

  5. Hey,

    How do I contact you with an enquiry for a one-off slider graphic without filling in the form for a complete page design?

    1. Yes Awais, you can use my icons, but be sure to give proper credit by linking back to the source page or Thanks and good luck with your app.

  6. Alojamax Web Hosting

    Hello… We have linked to your site from our blog and would like to ask if you prefer to be credited as “Rafi” or “GraphicsFuel”… Thanks for letting us know… ;o)

  7. Hello,
    Nice PSD files . I have a question , if i want to create free templates for diferent CMS to put them on a free download i need a licence or something ?

    I will like to put some design for free download integrated in Prestashop, Virtuemart etc

    Thank you

    1. Thanks Martha. If you haven’t subscribed to the blog yet, please do subscribe to it so you can get updates of the new downloads, etc. Thanks again.

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    Hey could I quote some of the material found in this post if I link back to you?

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