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10 Useful Multipurpose WP Themes for Building Modern Websites

Unless your client’s requirements allow you to take a cookie-cutter approach to your website designs, you either need to rely on several website building tools, or one covering all the bases. Most web designers have a need for the latter; a multipurpose tool that can deal with the diverse design challenges constantly facing them.

For a multipurpose theme to accomplish this, it needs to be flexible, even ultra-flexible. The 10 multipurpose themes listed here more than meet the challenge, plus they are easy to work with, they give reliable results, and they require no coding.

You’re encouraged to visit the websites of any of these multipurpose themes you believe will best serve your needs – most of them will. Check out the pre-built websites, layouts, or concepts they offer, along with the other cool features they bring to the table.

In making your choice, take into account:

  • The sizes of the websites you design.
  • Your need for ecommerce capabilities.
  • Your need for a responsive theme.
  • The ease in which the theme allows you to make changes.

 The Core – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Core WP Theme

The Core is massive. It’s actually 16 themes in one that are accompanied by a hefty assortment of design elements and hip design features. The backbone of this theme is the Unyson WordPress Framework, an open source framework that can be used by anyone for free.

The Core itself is not free of course, but it is extremely affordable, and it is a great web design investment. The Advanced Visual Builder is an easy to use page builder that lets you build complex pages in record time. Just as is the case with the other multipurpose themes in this list, The Core has the flexibility necessary to build any type or style of website you want. In addition to its 16 hand-built websites, this theme comes with a set of buttons and lists shortcodes that let you do wonderful things with minimal effort. You can use any font from Google’s free collection, and use the color picker to modify any element’s color on a page, or across the site. The Core also features multiple sliders and header options, it’s WooCommerce ready, and much, much more.

BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Be WP Theme

Be Theme could also be called massive. Be is in fact the biggest WordPress theme ever, with its more than 200 pre-made layouts, it 40 core features, and a huge user base. Its customizable pre-made layouts, combined with an impressive array for design options, make Be one of the most flexible WP themes on the market.

This theme also provides one of the fastest and easiest ways to put a web page and a website together, thanks to a trio of its core features. The Muffin Builder 3, Muffin Options panel, and Be’s Shortcode Generator, give you one of the most powerful page-building capabilities on the market. No matter how complex the design, you’ll never have to result to coding to complete any project. You’ll find there are a number of video tutorials to help you get started, and Be Theme’s support team is terrific.

The 7 - the Most Customizable Theme on the Market

Customizability, combined with numerous design options, leads to flexibility, and The7 has these qualities in spades. This is, in fact, the most customizable WP theme on the market today. It offers 630+ customizable theme options to work with.

Adding even more to this theme’s flexibility is the enhanced version of Visual Composer.   VC’s performance, in combination with The7’s Design Wizard and its 23 professionally-designed website designs, is another reason why this theme deserves a best 10 rating.

The innovative Design Wizard is especially noteworthy in that it does much of your design work for you – automatically. Once you choose a layout header, and upload your logo, you merely have to select your font, background, and color settings, and the Wizard will do the rest; you never have to touch a line of code.


Enfold WP Theme

Enfold, ThemeForest’s top-rated, best-selling theme is extremely user friendly; with no coding required. All of its specially demos can be imported with a single click. The same is true of Enfold’s multipurpose demo, the demo of choice for many of this theme’s users.

The other demo files are niche demos. They are oriented towards portfolios, shops, business sites, etc., but as they are customizable, they can be used for many different purposes; plus, you can use any image you wish to from any demo. We suggest you take a close look at this super-flexible WP theme.


DIVI WP Themes

Elegant Themes calls Divi the most flexible and smartest them in their collection. The Divi package is chock-full of the features you need to design first class websites.

As Divi’s authors were putting it together, they relied on feedback from users working with other Elegant Themes products. Using feedback from smart web designers naturally resulted in the development of a smart website theme. Divi’s flexibility is in large part due to the 46 content modules you can use like building blocks; which makes this multipurpose theme fun to work with.

Uncode - Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Uncode WP Theme

Uncode is a carefully organized theme package, as you will see if you visit their website – which we highly recommend. As any software engineer or web designer will tell you, products that are carefully organized tend to perform better, and that is certainly the case here. Uncode’s homepage layouts, which they refer to as concepts, come in five categories, Classic, portfolio, shop, creative, and blog, and each category features several website themes. You’ll also have 30+ design features and a nice assortment of special website pages to work with.


Merchandiser WP Theme

If you’ve never worked with a minimalist theme before, may we suggest Merchandiser. A minimalist theme is focused on the real needs of today’s shop owners, and the people that design their websites. A minimalist theme is based on surveys and user feedback from other themes. The net result –  Merchandiser’s design is based on decisions rather than features. As a web developer, or as a shop owner, this theme has the features you need, and none of those that are unnecessary, or could become a burden. A great concept.

KALLYAS – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Kallyas WP Theme

In addition to the flexibility a multipurpose theme must have to qualify as a best 10 theme, is ease of use. Kallyas is about as simple to use as possible. It’s simply a matter of dragging and dropping your design element, – which can be anything from an icon to a video, or a block of text -- editing it, then selecting your settings, saving and closing –  with no coding required. There are 150+ pre-build elements to work with, and the Live Search feature enables you to find what you want to work with in seconds.


Shopkeeper WP Theme

Although its extreme flexibility definitely places it in the ranks of a multipurpose WP theme, Shopkeeper is an ideal choice when you have ecommerce in mind. With Shopkeeper, you can not only design an awesome online store, but the features you will need to manage your business are there as well. You can manage your inventory, make shipping arrangements, arrange for payments, and manage you cataloging tasks. You don’t have to go outside or purchase additional tools for this kind of support. Cool.

X Theme

X Themeco WP Theme

ThemeForest has an outstanding product line, including more than a few best sellers. X Theme is ThemeForest’s fastest-selling theme, which would lead you to believe it has some very special features – which is indeed the case. X Theme has 22 extensions (plugins) that come free of charge. It’s responsive and retina ready, it has an extensive library of useful shortcodes, and best of all, it has Cornerstone. Cornerstone is a modern, innovative, 100% front-end page builder that enables you to preview your work in progress. X is frequently updated, and you can expect first-class support.

All of these themes are competitively priced, which is to say they are extremely affordable, and good investments. Although Merchandiser and Shopkeeper provide ideal solutions if you have ecommerce websites in mind, they also perform superbly as multipurpose themes. Conversely, you can build awesome online stores with any of the other 8 themes.
Three features these themes have in common are customizability, extreme flexibility, and ease of use, and we can also add top performance. Check out the websites, and the free demos. You’ll be impressed with what you find.

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