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20 Flat Icons (PSD)

Check out this vector pack of PSD icons in a vibrant flat style. These icons, sized at 128×128 pixels, are perfect for any design inspired by the flat design trend. All icons come in full-shape vector layers and each layer can be modified for color changes. They are suitable for use on both light and dark backgrounds. Add this flat icons pack to your icon’s collection and elevate your modern designs to the next level!

20 Flat Icons
20 Flat Icons

File Format: PSD, PNG
Layers: Vector
Dimensions: 4000×4000 Pixels
File Size: 1.8 MB

easy business icon set. 20 flat icons on theme easy business. collection of bus stop, psd, suitcase, elixir, ticket, data, upload, umbrella, like, idea, artificial intelligence, line chart
side businesses icon set. 20 flat icons on theme side businesses. collection of psd, moving truck, package, mail, 360 degrees, profiles, monitor, clock, laptop, packing
business i can start from home icon set. 20 flat icons on theme business i can start from home. collection of business woman, psd, digital, move, smartphone, comparison, lighthouse
business icon set. 20 flat icons on theme business. collection of psd, office chair, bishop, smart home, monitor, checklist, networking, laptop, house, picture, capitol
easy small business icon set. 20 flat icons on theme easy small business. collection of calendar, psd, calculator, process, zoom in, flag, suitcase, sort ascending, checklist
doc icon set. Collection of 20 filled doc icons included Folder, Fixed, Doc, Js, Psd, Reporter, Report

22 thoughts on “20 Flat Icons (PSD)”

  1. Thanks for the icons. I’ve finally found more icons that are different than all the others ones on the web.

  2. Good Icon ! Tank you for show! I am from City of Harbin (china),I am a web Designer. my design ‘s web site web site)

  3. Pretty impressive! I just made a bunch of flat icons using prior to seeing this post.

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