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20 Pre-Built Websites Perfect for Your Small Business Client

If you are working with a small business client, or you’ve done so in the past, you have a pretty good idea of what is expected of you.

Small business clients –

  • need quality design
  • expect their website to provide a good UX
  • look for a theme that offers the customization options necessary to promote their brand
  • recognize the need to reach the mobile community (responsiveness)
  • need special pages and features, depending on the domain and their unique business model

This popular WordPress theme has more than 220 pro designed pre-built websites. And it offers the perfect solution to these needs. These pre-built websites cover the entire range of small business themes and niches. Or they can easily be customized to do so.

You need not worry about the quality of design or performance of this WP theme. 45,000+ past and present users will testify to its solid design. As well as its ease of use, great support and its ability to help you create awesome websites of every conceivable type.

Be Theme –

  • Requires no coding skills
  • features a library of pre-built websites that reflect the latest in design trends
  • offers special features designed to capture and engage site visitors.
  • lives up to its reputation of being built on great design principles.

These 20 Pre-Built Websites Will Change the Way You Design for Small Business Clients

Pizza Prebuilt WP Theme

The pizza pre-built website

Pre-built websites are much more than layouts you can work from. They are in fact, much more than layouts you can customized to create unique page designs. They feature, besides modern design concepts, built-in UX principles and functionality.

They are functioning models that can easily be customized to create a fully functioning website or web page. These pre-built websites bring many benefits to the table.

Small businesses are generally represented by small, flexible teams who are able to make design decisions quickly. With a pre-built website, you can skip the mockup phase. You can create a presentation website that allows your client to envision what the final deliverable could look like.

Should the need arise, you can make modifications at a fast and furious pace. This is thanks to the editing power of Be Theme’s Muffin Builder, or the Visual Builder.

Incorporating fine details into your project will no longer be a time consuming task. Your productivity will improve, your clients will be overjoyed, and your income potential will increase.
Let’s take a look at 20 of the latest releases. We will start with 3 case studies that show you how to transform a pre-built website into a beautiful, fully-functioning website for your client.


Be Tiles

Be Tiles WP Theme

  • This pre-built website is focused on quality interior design
  • Note how both the quality and the message are well centered
  • The graphic elements are presented as an architect might arrange them



Be Tiles WP Theme

  • Change the image and the text, and you have a homepage that is just what the client wants.
  • The UX elements have been kept intact, making navigation simple and intuitive.


Be Farmer

Be Farmer WP Theme

  • This pre-built website is destined for use in the agriculture industry.
  • It has a warm, human touch, with typography that is in keeping with both the theme and the brand.
  • The images are large and clear, the menu is not intrusive but is easy to find and use.
  • How might you customize this to suit the needs of your small farm business client?


Be Farmer WP Theme

  • The new image, while vastly different from the original, is still in keeping with the concept of a farm that produces food for families.
  • The font remains the same (it could easily be changed), and a logo has been added.
  • All this can be done quite easily – and quickly.


Be Tailor

Be Tailor WP Theme

  • We start with a vintage vibe intended for building a tailor shop website
  • The graphical elements are in line with the theme’s concept and purpose.


Be Tailor WP Theme

  • In this example, starting with Be Tailor, the basic layout structure is retained, as has the theme’s concept.
  • The vibe, however, is now male-oriented, chic, and focused on a call to action.
  • Note the subtle effect a change in font produces.

Watch this video. You will see just how fast and easy it actually is to take a pre-build website and transform it into the website you client has requested.

Having done, so, check out these other 17 pre-built websites that come with Be Theme. And imagine all the things you could do with them. Also take note of how they make it so easy for you to create modern websites fast.

Be Watch

Be Watch WP Theme

  • This pre-built website is destined to produce a smart watch shop’s website.
  • The hero shot is impressive, engaging, and is practically a call to action.
  • The design is modern, as befits this type of product, and the main focus remains on the images.
  • The simplicity of the design conveys a feeling of casual luxury.

Be Architect 2

Be Architect WP Theme

  • This pre-built website is definitely suited for an architect or small architectural firm.
  • Its abstract design almost guarantees an engaging UX.

Be Lawyer2

Be Lawyer WP Theme

  • A picture of rich, corporate elegance, coupled with a strong unique value proposition
  • Strong symbolism and the symmetry of the elements covey trust and authority

Be Barber 2

Be Barber WP Theme

  • Vintage, urban, and destined for a barber who cares
  • Simplicity is adhered to throughout this pre-built website. Lots of white space is present, helping to focus on the content

Be Kebab

Be Kebab WP Theme

  • The logo, superimposed on a beautiful background image, gives this website an easygoing, friendly look.
  • An ideal solution for a website for the eating establishment just down the street.


Be VPN WP Theme

This pre-built website is for a serious IT business, that still has a friendly, lighter side.
A good example to keep in mind for a corporate client looking for a casual twist.

Be Bistro

Be Bistro WP Theme

  • Just the right concept to build on for a local bistro’s website.
  • Beautiful, big images, with a clean and logical structure throughout.
  • A good UX is already embedded.

Be Car

Be Car WP Theme

  • The hero image says a lot; excellent use is made of white space
  • Good choice of colors and color placement add to the sense of luxury
  • An exercise in elegance through details

Be Medic 2

Be Medic Theme

  • Destined for a medical clinic or center
  • The focus here is on building trust
  • Classical design lines, easy navigation, photos of the medical team all contribute to a good UX

Be Minimal

Be Minimal WP Theme

  • Destined for a creative agency
  • A modern video header like this is perfect for such an agency
  • The minimalist approach to the web design leads to a relaxed UI

Be GoodFood

Be GoodFood WP Theme

  • An excellent platform for building a website for a dietician, a food service, or most any food business
  • The design, along with the embedded UX, should attract and engage users

Be Carver

Be Carver WP Theme

  • A simple design with a straightforward, powerful message
  • This pre-built website can be used for a carver, artisan, ceramicist, etc.

Be Hotel 2

Be Hotel WP Theme

  • Destined for a hotel; the images provide the focus and tell the story
  • All the relevant sections are included – location, rooms, reservations, gallery, etc.

Be Burger

Be Burger WP Theme

  • This pre-built website could provide the basis for any food delivery or catering service website.
  • The structure focuses on displaying the products and converting the user

Be Horse

Be Horse WP Theme

  • Destined for an equine center, riding academy, or even an equine artist or veterinarian
  • The design is simple and elegant, and it can have many uses

Be Decor

Be Decor WP Theme

  • This pre-built website could be the basis for an interior designer. Or an interior design agency’s website
  • A product section and gallery are included to showcase proposed design concepts

Be Tea

Be Tea WP Theme

  • Destined for either a local tea shop or an online tea distributor
  • This minimalist design has a vintage vibe that is enhance through a range of luxurious colors

Be Theme Has Everything You Need to Create a Beautiful Website for Any Type of Small Business

By now, it should be apparent that Be Theme offers tremendous value for money. Pre-built websites such as these (there are currently more than 220 of them) provide exactly what you need to start a project. You will complete it faster, and produce an outstanding deliverable for your client.

These 220+ pre-built websites address a wide range of categories. Including automobile, creative, sports, cosmetics, nutrition, corporate, medical, and the list goes on. There are pre-built websites dedicated to blogs, portfolios, one page websites, and landing pages too.

Be Print WP Theme

Each one has the features described earlier. One click install, no coding necessary and other. Be Theme is loaded with high-quality features, starting with a cool visual builder, and tons of design options.

See it for yourself.

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