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Search Over 25 Million Graphics

2018 Web Design Trends Predictions Infographics

We begin every New Year with predictions of the leading trends that will dictate the web design fashion during the next 365 days. There are so many factors that influence the trends that dominate the web design industry. The technological innovations, media, UX, usability, user preferences, and other factors influence the most popular web development principles. It’s no secret that most of the trends are recycles and return in the slightly modified versions over the years. In this post, we would like to draw your attention to the leading web design trends for 2018.

All predictions and suggestions that you will find in this article are based on the deep research of the web design industry. We analyzed the preferences of the users from different niches and compared those to the techniques and approaches applied to the web development by different brands in their online projects.

When it comes to the web development, creating the effective and appealing web design takes about 30% of the time and efforts that the webmasters spend on their new web projects. It’s of crucial importance to keep the hand on the pulse of the latest innovations and tendencies in different niches. It’s important to monitor the latest chances that occur in the digital world and apply those to the websites, thus boosting their usability.

2018 is expected to be the year of new experiences. We expect the visual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, voice user interactions, and other innovative approaches to find their reflections in the contemporary web designs. Such technologies are in the huge demand today. So, these are expected to be the mainstream in the web design world during the upcoming year either.

TemplateMonster creative team offers you to dive deeper in the investigation of the web design trends with the help of the 2018 web design trends inforgaphics. Being a well-established and reputable marketplace with the wide selection of WordPress templates for web design company, CMS designs, and eCommerce products, the company has learned the web design preferences of the online community well enough. Now, it’s high time to share the prediction for the upcoming year.

2018 Design Trends

AI & Machine Learning

Machine learning can be considered as a form of the artificial intelligence (AI). Due to it, Facebook displays the data that meets our preferences, thus growing the chances that we will hit the “like” button on seeing the ads, posts, events, and other kind of information that meets our personal interests. The key objective of the machine learning is to understand the user behavior and deliver the right content to the right audience.

Conversational Chatbots

Chatbots are getting more popular among plenty of businesses worldwide. With their help, a brand can help the users find the desired pieces of information without spending time scrolling through the news feed or looking for the necessary pieces of data on the site. The mechanism is rather simple. Conversational chatbots react to the keywords in the questions asked by the users, delivering the necessary search results within seconds.


Thanks to the natural language processing, chatbots can run conversations with the web users like the human-beings. NLP allows them to run the natural conversation with the web users. They can be even programmed to understand bad grammar and syntax.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps make our interactions with the web design more effortless yet effective. Being a combination of the best qualities of the web with mobile apps, these are presented in the form of push notifications, splash screens, offline mode, etc.

Seamless Interactions

With the help of this web design trend, the web users will feel the ease of communicating with each other in real-time. No more communication barriers. From now on, the web users can receive immediate feedback on their posts on Facebook, rate articles in social media and on websites, set status messages, etc.

Scroll Triggered Animations

Scrolling has become the preferred technique to clicking. Lead the web users to the conversion points while making them scroll to the lead generating elements of your site like contact forms. When used properly, without the exaggeration, scroll triggered animations add a professional and innovative presentations to the sites where they are used.

Virtual Reality

In 2018, we expect the web design to become more influenced by the virtual reality techniques. The web users become more obsessed with such things as the 360-degree videos, mapping VR, and other elements that make them feel like part of the storytelling. For many brands, VR has become a powerful conversion-oriented tool, which also provides for the more effective data communication.

Internet of things

This trend is getting more popular on the contemporary web. With its help, we can connect different smart devices like security cameras and apps to find keys to the websites. Internet of Things makes it possible for the users to interact with multiple smart devices effortlessly.


The contemporary websites face the risk of the hacking attacks and malware more often than ever before. It’s important to secure every piece of data that you share on the site. It’s also important to protect the users who reach your online projects. Whenever a person shares confidential information with a brand, he should feel confident that it won’t leak to the hackers.


PNG, SVG, JPG, PDF, and GIF – there are so many file formats that are being used on the contemporary web. And which one will gain the leading positions on 2018? It’s expected than SVG graphic elements that can scale up and down to all sizes will be in the biggest demand during the whole next year. SVG files are easy to work with. They are especially useful for web designers and developers. SVG can be exported as a code. You can use CSS or JavaScript to benefit from the dynamic image editing process.

Expressive Typography

Image-heavy websites will be replaced with the web designs featuring expressive fonts. Scalable fonts cannot affect the site performance. On the contrary, they enhance the usability of web pages, adjusting to all screen sizes n the fly. Emphatic typography can add a more innovative and alluring presentation to the web resources, boosting the UX and making them more readable.


The trend is not new. Cinemagraphs are no longer the catching images that entertain the web audience on Facebook and Pinterest. In 2018, these are expected to become the popular tool to boost the user engagement on websites. Representing a combination of images and videos in one piece of art, these add a touch of interactivity to the web resources. These can also represent products and services in the 360-degree view when you click a specific element on the web page.

Get Ready for Changes!

These are the top web design trends that are expected to dictate the web design fashion in 2018. Bespoke illustrations, geometric shapes, soft shadows, and other graphic elements that are in demand in 2017 are expected to be listed among the most popular web design trends for 2018 either.

The time of the great chances has come! Forget about the outdated designs and make your web resources stand out with the new creative elements. Be different while experimenting with different forms and shapes of the data presentation. May your site stand out of the competition in 2018!

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