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5 Outstanding eLearning Platforms to Use for Online Courses

A few years ago, discussing a topic on e-learning was only left for the upper-class citizens who had unlimited access to the internet and relevant digital tools. However, things have changed today, and with just your mobile network, you can stream or join an online class with ease. This means that the online learning market is growing rapidly, and with a pandemic in the picture, more people are embracing it.

The projection that this industry size will by 2022 hit the $245 billion mark is already starting to unveil itself. The tremendous success is thanks to the agile players in the market who have kept bringing onboard new inventions for a better learning experience.

Today, users can access their favorite courses at affordable fees and finish them in record time with a lot of conveniences. This combination of excellent services has seen so many learners turn into online platforms to quench their learning thirst.

The 5 eLearning Platforms Effective for Online Courses

Settling for the best eLearning platform can prove a challenge if you don’t know what you are searching for. Here is a list of some of the best eLearning platforms to use for your online courses.

1. Udemy

How does a track record of teaching over 30 million students sound to you when looking for an effective eLearning platform? That is the track record Udemy boasts of, and it is not stopping there. Being among the best online course platforms, its 57,000 instructors do a great job tutoring over 130,000 courses available on the platform.

It is easy to use for both students and instructors who want to join the site. Udemy believes in giving everyone the opportunity of gaining from them academically. It is easier for instructors to create content at Udemy thanks to the numerous content creation tools like PowerPoint, PDF documents, etc.

Udemy aims at connecting students globally to the best instructors in their platforms. When you sign up for a course at Udemy, you are setting yourself in an ideal position to reach your academic goals and pursue your dreams.

2. Coursera

Coursera envisions a world where its users globally can exercise their power to transform their lives through learning. It has given over 23 million users the ability to access high-quality online training globally. As a student, you can receive certification from a recognized university upon completing your course as Coursera partners with world-renowned universities. 

You can choose either the individual courses, degree programs, or the specialized courses that Coursera offers. All their courses support peer-reviewed assignments, on-demand video lectures, homework exercises, and community discussion forums.

3. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn learning was formerly known as and was created as an educational platform to help students in different professional fields. The courses offered to specialize in business, creative fields, technology- and IT-related fields and are presented in the format of video lessons.

It offers more than 16,000 courses in seven languages for its premium service subscribers. The courses help you to invest in your professional preferences and development. The platform offers a one-month free trial option for every user to learn and get acquainted with the course before you get fully started.

4. Skillshare

Skillshare is another popular course marketplace, with over four million students who have gained and are still gaining from the platform. It focuses on the creative people who have a desire for an interactive teaching experience. They have over 24,000 lessons spread over various disciplines, including design, business, photography, and tech.

If you are the creative and practical lot, Skillshare is ideal for you to start tracing your career roots. Great writers like the ones at DoMyEssay and filmmakers are always the biggest gainers in this platform to nourish their skills and practice what they have learned.

The courses are made up of small videos and class projects that last from about 20 to 60 minutes. The course also includes a student community where discussions through discussion forums are encouraged. The platform divides classes into four categories which are:

  • Business – which is further subdivided into finance, project management, and accounting.
  • Technology – technological aspects here include web design, WordPress, e-commerce, and data science.
  • Lifestyle – gaming, wellness, languages, and teaching are the main topics covered here.
  • Creative Arts – you will learn more about cooking, music production, fine arts, and graphic design under creative arts.

These and many more subdivisions of subject categories can help you choose the ideal course that fits your needs.

5. edX

edX is a learning platform where you can trust to find some of the best courses. It was founded by scientists from Harvard and MIT and has since been home to more than 20 million students globally. It has also partnered with a significant number of top-ranked universities in the world and top companies globally. The platform has achieved its aim to transform traditional education and remove cost, access, and location barriers over the years. It has offered more than 8,000 online courses in collaboration with 100 prestigious universities and businesses. These universities and businesses are majoring in offering science courses, including computer science, engineering, math, data science, humanities, computer science, business, management, etc. If you are a science enthusiast, you can always get the best course at edX anytime you wish to enroll for one.


Whether you want to start a course or continue with one you failed to complete, you can always count on these eLearning platforms. They offer convenience and are a reliable option for fast and practical learning. Most of the courses provided are affordable, and you can always trust their credibility since a certificate is given after the course. If you need a reliable course, you have your choices to pick from in the options above.

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