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7 Reasons Why a Customizable WP Theme Will Make You Look Good

The newest trend in websites, particularly for small businesses, is uniqueness, and the ability to create a website that provides an outstanding user experience. The7 WordPress theme not only permits, but actually encourages consistent customization thanks to its 630 + theme options. In doing so, it offers the best solution for giving clients exactly what they want.

1.    Making Client’s Websites “Their” Websites

The7 theme allows a website owner to have complete control over its design, whether the owner is the creator, or the work has been handed over to a professional designer. A website tool that promotes customization, and makes the process an easy one, benefits both the builder and the owner/client.

Ease in customizing promotes feedback and collaboration between the parties involved; it tends to make the design process flow more smoothly and transparently. If you are the owner, the website builder doesn’t have to rely on workarounds or trial and error to give you exactly what you want.

2.    Establishing Your Brand – The Quick and Easy Way


Some of the typography customization options available in the The7 WordPress Theme.

The Theme Options Wizard is a handy little The7 feature that lets the designer upload a logo, select a layout, complete with custom colors and fonts, and produce a professional-grade and unique website quickly. Last minute tweaks or refinements are easy to make.

If you don’t get exactly what you want, the Wizard will help you make any needed changes quickly and easily. In fact, The7’s customizing features make fine tuning, and even major changes to a website page, much easier to accomplish than is the case with most WP themes.

3.    Build Beautiful Pages – No Coding Necessary


A few of the page customization options available in the The7 WordPress Theme.

All too often, web designers have to call on a developer to incorporate certain details into a web page, or to give the web page a certain look and feel. That’s not the case with The7, and for a couple of reasons. The first is the Visual Composer (VC) plugin that comes with in the package.

VC is a premium page builder. VC enables the designer to drag, drop, and edit the way to a finished product, without having to resort to using a single line of code. The second reason is the set of enhancements to VC that makes it an even more powerful page-building tool.

4.    Uniqueness of Design is an Emerging Trend

A business’s website can’t stand out from the crowd and attract its fair share of customers if it resembles most other websites. Just as we are often drawn to people who have unique talents, we tend to shop at stores that present their wares in unique and exciting ways.

There are many different ways to have a website make a statement, and some ways are better than others, but a carbon-copy website makes no statement at all. A highly customized website will do so, in large part due to its uniqueness, and this type of a website is also much easier to update when it may be appropriate to do so.

5.    More for Your Money and Ready-Made Skins to Boot


Skins and other customization options that are available in The7 WordPress Theme.

A theme that promotes website customization does not have to carry a hefty price tag. Adding such a feature to many existing WP themes, even the premium themes, would be an expensive proposition.

The7 was designed with customization in mind, and its price is comparable to, and in many cases less than, the prices of other premium themes. As an extra, this theme’s library of 25 skins can come into play to fine tune website pages, or make the entire website even more unique.

6.    You Can Scratch “I Can’t Do That” from Your Vocabulary


An experience website designers want to avoid is an inability to satisfy a client because of limitations imposed by their design tools, or having to reject a request out of fear of being unable to complete a project.

A WP theme that does not permit a high degree of customization can act as a boat anchor as far as satisfying exacting requirements is concerned. If a designer does invest in tools to build unique websites, that designer’s future can look somewhat bleak.

With The7 as the major component in their design toolkit, designers can be confident in their ability to give clients what they want.

7.    Adding Value is Easy – If You Have the Right Tools

Not all web designers may look at it this way, but when they take a client’s ideas and/or requirements, and create a website that satisfies that client, what they have done is to add value to those ideas/requirements.

A small business, working with limited sources, can easily select a WP theme that does not add sufficient value to their website requirements. A tool that can produce a highly customizable website can, on the other hand, give the website owner the most value for the money. When a website designer uses such a tool, the value added will have clients clamoring for more.

All of the Above and More


What has yet to be mentioned are the more than 630+ theme options and what the Visual Composer enhancements offer that make The7 such a powerful tool for building unique, easily customizable websites. The7 Elements and Ultimate Addons features have added tremendously to Visual Composer’s capabilities.

The7 Elements, a Visual Composer add-on allows the designer to create customizable post types including Media Albums and Portfolio. You have just seen where the ability to customize comes with no added cost. The same is true for these powerful enhancements that essentially enable you to build and showcase whatever you may choose to.

The7 is by far the most customizable WP theme on the market. Building a unique, customized website is easier using The7 than using any other tool. Most importantly, with this theme at your disposal, you will have little trouble in keeping up with a very important marketing trend – the ability to produce a unique website that belongs to its owner in every sense of the word.

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