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A reason to spread good gossip of a designer

A few days ago, I got an email from one of my buddy groups and it instantly caught my attention. The email had a small, beautiful yet thought-provoking story. Before, I go ahead and explain the point of my article, let me put that story in a gist.

There was once a neighbor who dropped a small gossip about another neighbor. In just a few days the gossip spread like wildfire and the whole neighborhood started talking about it and began spinning stories. The person against whom the gossip was hurled learned of the rumor and was baffled and profoundly offended. Later, the person who started the gossip came to know of its development and felt very sorry for the entire situation and decided to amend it.

He went to a saint and asked him how he could repair the damage. The saint advised him to fetch some chicken feathers and drop them one by one along the way to his house and come back the next day. The next day, as the man appeared back, the saint asked him to go and get the feathers that he had dropped the previous day.  The man walked the same road, but unfortunately the wind had blown away all the feathers. After searching for hours together, he returned to the saint with only one feather.  The saint smiled and said: It’s easy to drop a rumor about a person, but it’s impossible to undo it.

Having reflected on this story for many hours, I thought what could have been the situation if the gossip was about something good of that person. Well, surely it could have died down halfway or would never have circled in the neighborhood, because, as we are aware, good things always do not spread as fast as the wildfire of rumors.

Contrarily, internet technology has defied this to a substantial extent. There are several ways which can help a designer spread quickly about his / her “good” design business. Truthfully, technology has helped me a lot to rapidly spread my “good” design business. In fact, it has been helping me grow my business month by month. It has also helped me find “good” designers in the other part of the world and connect with them instantly.  This is the reason that kicked me to spread “good gossips” (i.e. the good work, quality services and support) of a struggling designer. Perhaps, this can help the designer to reach out to the audience quicker.

For example, Twitter is one sweet technology’s tool that helps us share instantly what’s-going-on-with-us with our friends and followers.  It also helps spread your business and find new clients in a shorter period. For bloggers, one good post shared on Twitter can spread like wildfire and bring back lot of traffic.

Ofcourse, there are other tool to spread your “good gossip (post) of your good blog” such as other social networking sites, your connections offline and online, emails, promotional ads and more.

Back to the bad gossip, spare it; I’m not opposed to its speed. It’s there and sadly it’ll be there, because almost everyone loves to pay an ear to someone’s gossip and there’s no end to it. But I have always encouraged my friends and colleagues to spread the “good gossip” more than the bad gossip.

I still love the small, beautiful and thought-provoking story.  What do you think?

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7 thoughts on “A reason to spread good gossip of a designer”

  1. Thank you for sharing that Rafi!

    It’s an amazing story, I am going to translate it to polish and release it to the world:)

  2. Hi really wonderful site and good post. It was very informative. One problem is some of the pages don’t work and I can’t figure out the RSS. But keep at it.

  3. You’re a really professional blogger. You either have got decent knowledge of what your discussing or you did some good research. Thanks for this brilliant article.

  4. Amazing stuff,Many thanks so A great deal for this!This is very useful Article for me. This will absolutely Heading to help me in my Tasks .

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