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40 Best Free Google Docs Templates of 2022

This collection contains forty of the best free 2022 templates for Google DocsTo begin with, Google Docs is truly the most convenient document editing solution. Do not think that this is an advertisement, this is really the deliberate opinion of most people. Google Docs is a free online word processor that is part of Google Docs Editors, offered by Google. Simply put, it is a free alternative to Microsoft Office software with little benefits. You don’t need to download anything to use it. It is also possible to use it simultaneously by several users. You will be able to use Google Docs to edit templates even if you haven’t used it before.

Important! We are not encouraging commercial use of Google Docs. This resource is not licensed for this. A GSuite subscription is offered for organizations.

Therefore, we decided to collect the best examples of Google Docs templates for you. When creating, we primarily pursued the goal of giving people the opportunity to use cool design layouts for their needs, even despite the lack of design skills. Saving your time and money are our top priorities. In our layouts, we used only vector graphics, high quality images and easily adaptable fonts. Also, we have not forgotten and taken into account all the latest trends in graphic design. All our resources are free and ready to use. Whatever your design skills, edit and use our Google Docs templates and leave the design to the professionals.

Leave feedback on the experience of using these templates in the comments, and we will definitely take them into account. Enjoy your use! 🙂


Bucket lists

Our bucket lists are primarily created to make you feel 100% autumn. Do not wait for a suitable opportunity, do not depend on other people’s plans and instructions. Start to manage your life by yourself, following your desires and goals. Follow your plans with our bucket lists. We guarantee that your traditions and little pranks will definitely be fulfilled thanks to these lists.

Fall Bucket List

Halloween Bucket List

Blank Fall Bucket List

Business cards

Even as you follow the current digitalization trends, don’t forget about the old well-established rules of good form. In business, it is especially important to maintain your image and brand, with such an established interaction tool as a business card, which you can share at events or in person. Therefore, we have made these free business card templates especially for you.

Minimalist Business Card

Geometric Business Card

Personal Business Card

Realtor Business Card

Photography Business Card

Modern Business Card


You’ve always wanted a beautiful personal resume that is different from the thousands of jobs repeated on the websites, but you thought you couldn’t afford a design service or just didn’t know how to get one. With our easy-to-edit templates, it won’t be difficult for you now. Your resume will definitely stand out in a stack of identical and unremarkable designs. You just have to enter your personal data and transfer it to the HR-specialist.

Architect CV

Free Modern CV Google Docs Template

Professional CV

CV for Scholarship

Web Designer CV

Packing lists

When traveling to distant lands, make sure to take everything you need. The main thing is not to forget anything and so that nothing would spoil your pastime. The size of your luggage will directly depend on the duration of your trip. Either way, you will need to arrange a trip to take whatever you need, and this travel packing list will help you with that. After packing your things, you will be able to cross out the already taken items and not forget anything. Enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

Travel Packing List

Beach Packing List

Summer Vacation Packing List

Ultimate College Packing List

Camping Packing List

Trip Packing List


As a rule, designers are engaged in the layout of newspapers, and for people who are unfamiliar with even the basic rules of layout, this is an impossible task. Therefore, we decided to make development accessible to everyone with any level of knowledge in the field of design. We have also prepared special layout options for different directions. Our templates are extremely minimalistic and will take the burden of layout from you. You will be able to focus only on the text and the meaning that you want to convey to your readers.

Newspaper Wedding Program

School Newspaper

Church Newspaper

Classic Newspaper

Travel Newspaper

Wedding Newspaper


First of all, the resume should be liked and attract the attention of the HR manager. It should stand out from the rest. Personal information, relevant design and high-quality layout are key ingredients of a perfect resume. You can use our pre-designed templates and focus solely on the content. Forget about the fact that only a personal designer can make a resume layout. Make it yourself using our free Google Docs templates.

Marketing Resume

Design Resume

Realtor Resume

Photography Resume

Job Resume

Minimalist Resume

Graphic Designer Resume

Creative Resume

Simple Resume

Professional Elite Resume

Minimalistic Resume

Professional Resume

Beautiful Resume

Web Developer Resume

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