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How Can You Increase Your Productivity? Pre-Built Websites

Freelance designers have their perks. They can work from their own schedules, they are their own boss, there’s no long daily commute, etc. Freelancers, and their counterparts who work for companies or on teams, work hard to improve their skills and keep up with the latest trends.

As these freelancer’s design skills improve, it becomes easier to find new clients. And there's also the temptation to look for more work and higher paying projects. Problems can arise for freelancers who do not have a mindset that is focused on disciplined, well-organized work habits and processes.

They tend to take on more and more tasks. Inevitable resulting in longer hours, missed deadlines, stress, quality issues, and an occasional loss of a client.

The only silver bullet to improve the way you work is yourself.

If you fit into this somewhat bleak picture, you can take heart in knowing that you can improve your work habits, dramatically in fact; but it’s up to you to work the problem.

Let’s start by considering a few common causes of such a situation.

  • the wrong tools can be time-wasters. Why spend a couple of hours installing a theme, when you can install this popular theme in a couple of minutes?
  • you spend too much time working with difficult clients.
  • you fail to prioritize your tasks; or if you do, you ignore your own priorities. Upgrading your time management skills will help to solve that issue.

5 Ways Pre-Built Websites Will Help You Sail Through Your Projects

There are many ways in which pre-built websites will make your work easier, but the main one is this: they save you a ton of time. They are also much easier to work with than most web-building tools, and they provide a basis for delivering high-quality products.

  • Pre-built websites give you a meaningful concept to start from; select one, and start customizing it.


What does it take to transform this pre-built website into what your client wants? Your imagination.

  • Building wireframes or mockups takes time. When working with pre-build websites, you no longer need them. Your clients will better understand what they see, and they will love you for it.
  • There’s no need for coding or special technical skills. Why take several hours writing code to replace or modify a header, when with several clicks, you can accomplish the same thing?
  • Any changes or modifications required will involve work; sometimes hours of work. With this WP theme, you can make most changes in minutes. Your clients will love you for that as well.

1. Where to Begin? It’s a No Brainer.

You know what your client wants. Now it’s a matter of sifting through WP themes to find a close match; assuming there is one. Even if you’re successful, but you’re client doesn’t understand what can or cannot be modified, you still have a selling job to do.

With 230+ pre-built websites to choose from, you’ll find a close match, or several acceptable candidates, in a manner of minutes. You’ve found your starting point.

Be eBook

Be Theme’s eBook pre-built website

You can also make your selection from several categories. That may take a bit longer, but since you can easily customize any website, you may end up with a better fit. If the one you select isn’t working out, simply try another one. You can always build a quick prototype and send it off to your client for feedback. Even if you need 3 or 4 attempts, you’ll still save many hours over the long haul with this approach.

2. To Install a Pre-Built Website Takes but a Couple of Minutes

Although we just touched on it, starting fresh is rarely a problem. There may be times when a client has a new idea that causes you to do so. It’s seldom much of a problem for you, and your client doesn’t have to worry about busting his/her budget because of the change; we’re talking about minutes or hours of work – not days or weeks.

3. Have a Plan – and Work to It

Your plan could be nothing more than a rough sketch of a flowchart; but it can be indispensable for keeping on track and not wasting time wondering what you’re supposed to do next.

A simple plan: Select a pre-built website; select a base grid and a layout; choose a header style (plenty of options here); upload a logo and set your design elements, and start editing. The final step: send a prototype of your page or website to your client for feedback.

Be XMas

Be Xmas2 is an elegant pre-built website destined for any feast.

A few words about customizing a pre-built website: thanks to Be Theme’s Muffin Builder 3 editor, or Visual Composer; customizing is a snap.

4. Fine-tune Your Website with Shortcodes

Shortcodes are snippets of code you plug in to a page to add small details, functionality, or other wonderful things. You don’t need to understand coding, but if you have an occasional craving to code, the shortcodes are editable.

5. Make Your Website SEO Ready

The BeTheme team has already taken care of what needs to be done, by integrating an SEO plugin into the overall package. No extra work is required on your part, since every pre-built website is compatible with the plugin.

Takeaway Ideas

Be Theme

If you’re experiencing excessive workloads, working extra hours to keep up, and possibly experiencing a decline in the quality your work as well, there are solutions; but, it’s up to you to put them into practice.

Time management skills address part of the problem. But to resolve your problems completely, give Be Theme’s pre-built websites a try. You’ll save a ton of time, increase productivity, and enhance the quality of your products.

  • Pre-built websites provide clear starting points.
  • Skip wireframes and mockups; rely on time-saving prototypes instead.
  • Rely on your design skills and your imagination, instead of on coding or special technical skills.

You’ll be able to manage your workloads in far less time, and have more time available to use at your discretion.

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