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A Collection of 15 Fresh Photoshop Tutorials


Photoshop is an awesome graphic design tool we all know. But mastering the tool requires great experience and constant learning.

In this post, we bring you a collection of amazing Photoshop tutorials from various experienced masters and graphic designers. In these tutorials various tips, tricks and techniques on different subjects have been explained and showed step by step to help you learn and sharpen your Photoshop skills. 

The list contains tutorials on various subjects such as text effects, Photo manipulation, poster designs, geometric patterns, UI design, color effects, and more. Go through the tutorials and learn something new in Photoshop today!!

Create Abstract Text Effect With Metal Scraps In Photoshop


Create a Hollow Head Effect in Photoshop


Landscape Editing – Create a Sun with the Gradient Tool


Create Deep Space Text Effect In Photoshop


Portrait Photo To Pencil Sketch With Photoshop CS6


How to Create an Ornate, Vintage, Poster Design in Photoshop


Create a Colorful Geometric Pattern in Photoshop


Create a Mobile Downloader App Interface in Photoshop


“Painted on Wood” Text Effect


Dripping Honey on Toast Text Effect


Create Raindrops on a Frosted Window in Photoshop


Photoshop tutorial: Create punk poster art


Photoshop tutorial: Create vibrant photos using Photoshop's LAB mode


Photoshop tutorial: Apply colour to a fashion illustration


Turn Day Into A Rainy Night In Photoshop


4 thoughts on “A Collection of 15 Fresh Photoshop Tutorials”

  1. Nice tutorials! Have you ever heard of Photoshop Actions? It allows you to “record” the steps of a tutorial and save it as a single Photoshop Action file (.atn), which you can load up later to perform the same steps in a different image with a single click of a button!

    This allows you to re-create complex effects such as 3d effects, shade filtering, etc. with very minimal effort. On my website, I have a hand-picked collection of free Photoshop Actions, categorized for easy finding, as well as a full tutorial on how to install and use Photoshop Actions.

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