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Create better projects with these Top 12 WordPress Themes in 2021

WordPress has a large and impressive website designer following. Much of the website building process is drag and drop and while coding can be useful in some instances, it is rarely required.

WordPress themes can make creating a website much easier and faster, and there’s no shortage of them on the market. If, however, you’re trying to find just the right one to fit your immediate needs, you could run into a problem. There are just too many awesome WordPress themes out there.

We’ve simplified things to save you the time and effort that can be involved in sifting through and evaluating hundreds of great WordPress themes to find what you need.

Check out the following 12 top WordPress themes for 2021. We’re pretty sure you’ll find one that will get the job done for you, whether it’s one website or a dozen.

Let’s get started with:

BeTheme, with its 600+ pre-built websites is the biggest WordPress theme on the market. The pre-built websites aren’t solely responsible for making it the biggest, however. That core BeTheme design feature is just one of many. 

40+ core features give BeTheme users plenty of powerful tools to work with.

Among these 40+ core features you’ll find:

  • Be’s Muffin Builder, Admin (Options) Panel, Shortcode Generator and Shortcode Library that combine to give users all the flexibility they need while eliminating any need for coding.
  • Color palettes, font styles, grid systems, and the new Header Builder and header options create even more design possibilities.
  • A Layout Generator that allows a to design and build a page from scratch.

As for the 600+pre-built websites, they are professionally crafted, responsive, customizable and cover the major industries and website types plus many of the smaller business niches.

Grab a fresh cup of coffee and visit BeTheme’s website to find out more.

Total is loaded with the features you need to build stunning websites. You rarely need all of them however, and in some cases an excess of features, those so-called “bells and whistles”, could negatively impact your workflow.

That will never happen with Total. In fact, you can even speed up your design workflow by disabling any features you don’t intend to use; making this popular theme an absolute joy to work with.

Total’s key features:

  • The popular WPBakery drag and drop page builder
  • Total is 100% responsive and WooCommerce, SEO, and WordPress friendly
  • Design aids include 40+ modern theme demos, 80+ page-building modules, and more than 500 customizer settings
  • Aids for customizing fonts, colors, section and column widths, and other design elements

Click on the banner to learn more about Total.

A selection you made among several candidate themes may have been because your choice had a useful or attractive feature that the others lacked. Or, you had difficulty in making a selection because the candidate themes looked so much alike that you needed a tie-breaker.

A theme’s popularity in terms of its sales could serve that purpose. Avada’s 450,000 sales make it the #1 best-selling WordPress theme of all time.

Avada’s features can just as easily be a decision making’s tipping point.

  • There’s the Dynamic Content system that gives users the flexibility to build precisely what they want.
  • Avada’s 57 pre-built websites will stimulate your creative juices
  • Avada is responsive, optimized for speed, WooCommerce friendly, and does not require coding.
  • Avada gives its users first-class support and free lifetime updates.

Click on the banner to learn more about this #1 selling theme.

Uncode’s 80.000 sales makes it one of ThemeForest’s top sellers.

Key features you’ll want to check out include:

  • The Uncode WooCommerce Custom Builder is a handy tool you can use along with WooCommerce additions to create your online store
  • An enhanced Frontend Editor that makes website building a quick and easy task
  • Of special interest is Uncode’s impressive and inspiring showcase of user-created websites.

Four features designers might look for in a theme when searching for top candidates would be clean code, a lack of limitations, modularity, and flexibility.

Rey has these features and more:


  • Rey promotes easy page building
  • It has a rich library of modern templates and useful design aids
  • You’ll find built-in WooCommerce tools and Elementor integrations
  • Rey is developer friendly.

TheGem features all the website-building tools you’re ever likely to need. Its claim to be the ultimate website toolbox is not an exaggeration.

Key features include:

  • Highly customizable and performant WordPress theme, perfect for professionals and beginners
  • Full Elementor and WPBakery support with additional features and extensions
  • 400+ beautiful pre-built websites and templates for any purpose and niche
  • Unique tool TheGem Blocks with 300+ premium pre-designed section templates to speed up your workflow – a real game changer in the website building
  • Rich collection of WooCommerce templates for any shops

TheGem is great for business websites, shops, blogs, portfolios, and magazines and offers friendly and reliable support.

 Web designers often use plugins to incorporate certain features or functionalities into their designs. Kalium gives its users easy access to several of the most widely-used WordPress Plugins.


  • WPBakery, Elementor, Slider Revolution, and WooCommerce plugins are included
  • All of the most popular and widely used WordPress plugins are supported
  • The Kalium theme is ideal for designing portfolio and eCommerce websites
  • Impressive collections of pre-built demos and design elements are included

Pofo received rave reviews in 2020, and you can expect the same in 2021. It is definitely an excellent choice for creative types, bloggers, and eCommerce shop designers.

Pofo’s key features:

  • A selection of attractive home pages together with selections of demo pages and pre-built design elements
  • Revolution Slider, the WPBakery page builder, and other premium WP plugins
  • WordPress Customizer integration and custom shortcodes for greater flexibility
  • Pofo users can anticipate first-class support.

Hongo’s trend-setting features makes it the ideal choice for WooCommerce and blogging website builders.

They include –

  • Product quick views and comparison tools, a catalog feature, and other product-related features
  • A selection of WPBakery custom shortcodes together with WordPress Customizer integration that will give users plenty of design flexibility
  • Hongo-designed websites are fast loading and SEO friendly

Click to learn more about this modern, multipurpose theme.

What you’ll like about XStore is that it does most of the work for you. You still have some content and customizing to deal with, but this WooCommerce theme does the rest.


  • For starters, there’s Xstore’s collection of 100+ good-to-go shops
  • The custom header builder and single product page builder will come in handy
  • 350+ pre-built sections, premium WP plugins, and WPBakery and Elementor support are there for you too.

If you are looking to beef up your blogging website in terms of its attractiveness and functionality, you can make it happen with Typer.

  • Typer can convert your standard blogging site into a multi-author platform
  • Its multiple article feature is designed to improve reading flows
  • Articles can be bookmarked, summarized in weekly digests, followed, and liked articles can be referenced

If your blogging activities need to be expanded and more efficiently organized, Typer is the best choice for you.

  • Customers hate waiting on the phone for an answer.
  • FAQ pages can be irritating rather than helpful.
  • Some answers will generate more questions.
  • Answering repetitive questions is no fun and is time consuming.

If your customer support operation suffers from any of these situations and needs fixing, the KnowAll database theme offers a solution. Customers will get quick answers to their questions 24/7, they can search for additional information, and you can automate your response to repetitive questions.


If you’re searching for a top WordPress theme to get the New Year off to a great start this is a good place to be. The best WordPress themes described in this article feature the latest website trends. One or more of them should satisfy your needs whether they are personal or corporate oriented.

These popular WordPress themes will help you elevate your projects to the next level.

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