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Giveaway: 4 Developer Subscriptions At $89 From ElegantThemes


Friends, today we are happy to announce that ElegantThemes is happy to giveaway 4 Developer Subscriptions valued at $89 each including their latest theme Divi to our readers.  4 lucky winners will be selected at random.  

About the Sponsor

ElegantThemes is among the top leaders in WordPress development. They have been building WordPress Themes for 4 years and tend one of the largest customer bases of any company in the market. Their designs are beautiful, functional and affordable. With dozens of themes for $39, you are getting access to one of the largest collections of premium themes and plugins available for half the price that their competitors pay for a single theme!

About their Latest DIVI theme

Divi is the smartest, most flexible theme in their collection. Its advanced page builder and collection of robust modules allow you to create pages from the ground up, giving you complete creative control over your website. Whether you are creating a new online portfolio, an eCommerce storefront, or a new home for your business, Divi ships with everything you need to make your vision a reality. See Divi Gallery.

Watch Divi Theme

How to Win

  • Simply comment on this post and tell us why you want to win, and how you would use themes and plugins if you win.
  • Share this giveaway with your followers on Twitter.
  • “Like” GraphicsFuel and ElegantThemes on Facebook page.

Important Notes

  • The giveaway ends on December 23th, 2013 Monday. All comments submitted after that date are not accepted.
  • Please make sure to submit your correct email address.
  • Winners are determined randomly using
  • Comment once. Multiple comments with the same email address are rejected.

Good Luck!


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35 thoughts on “Giveaway: 4 Developer Subscriptions At $89 From ElegantThemes”

  1. It must be Christmas! 😀

    I’m starting a consultancy/design/corporate identity business but it’s slow going because of limited funds. I need to get 3 blogs & an eCommerce site up and love what I’ve seen of Elegant themes. Winning a Dev subscription would really be a huge help for me to get started the first year. I am sure I would be able to continue paying the annual subscription after that (otherwise, I’m wasting my time starting!) 😉 😀


  2. this is the most awesome theme i have ever seen for wordpress…the truth is this is the big thing for wordpress….i want to tell you the founder of wordpress… he said templatic is the next big thing of WordPress…but if someone want to do something big with their idea and creativity they should choose divi….i am working with WordPress from last 7 years… now i can use all my possible creativity with this…this is really awesome, well i am not commenting for winning the membership, i have already a subscription of personal pack with elegenthemes, and i am proud that i have choose elegenthemes. People who are unlucky to be a winner, i personally suggest that just get a personal subscription, it doesn’t cost that much but it can take you to your destination…believe be….its so easy to create something with your own concept…try it you wont be disappointed….Good luck to u wall…and good luck to myself…peace be to you

  3. Being disabled with MS I am looking toward helping others with other afflictions such as my own in helping develop alternative ways to provide for themselves, as well as get myself back into the web business I have been forced to be away from.
    Not trying to play the sympathy card, just being honest as to my motivation in entering to receive tools that would help further my goal.
    Thank you.

  4. I work primarily with non-profits so winning this would be a fantastic resource, and I could pass the savings on to my clients!

  5. ElegantThemes seems to be the trend setters in WordPress theme development. Their new theme Divi looks great and its page builder feature will help theme developers to build cool websites.

    As a freelance web designer, winning a developer license will help me to build my career using the awesome themes from Elegant Themes.

    Thank you verymuch for the give away.

  6. Lucky me I stumble on this page when all hope is almost gone to get this awesome package from elegant theme.

    You know I have been watching elegant themes and their wordpress theme is really stunning, from Nexus to Nimble all of the wordpress theme is simply awesome also the handheld mobile plugin and the page builder is very interesting to play with. However unfortunately the chance to buy this awesome theme club is not there for me this past 9 month because the money goes here and there so there are no extra budget to purchase elegant themes club membership.

    If graphicfuels give the themes to me then I will absolutely use it for a good purpose both for me and my client, elegant themes will surely enhance my web design business.

    Thank you for presenting this opportunity Graphic Fuels and Elegant Theme

    Best Regards

  7. I want to win, because I like it! “Elegant Themes” is easy to use, nice and functional. I will use “Elegant Themes” to create web sites, because I’m a web designer 🙂

  8. Fabulous looking theme that would solve my problem deciding what theme to use on my site. Access to all the Elegant Themes as well with the Developers Subscription is an added bonus; I can use them for clients.

  9. I’ve used Elegant Themes in the past. Nick always puts a lot of thought into them. I’d use for very demanding photographers and visual artists’ sites. Plus my own sites. They don’t have a lot of money nor patience, so I need something flexible which works.

  10. ElegantThemes templates would make my personal under construction portfolio site beautiful when accessed from any device! I hope to get more business leads coming because visitors are enticed with the design.

  11. I would love to be able to build my own WordPress themes, and the opportunity to learn the best practices and refer to the code of professional themes would be really helpful.

  12. I would like to win the membership. I am building a website for English as a Foreign Language Teachers in Ecuador. A theme from Elegant themes would help with the process.

  13. Hi

    I’m just starting in web design/ small biz marketing. i’d use them to keep things simple for clients who want a web presence but don’t want to break the bank for it.

  14. Always looking for themes that are well-designed, responsive and flexible for many uses as well as intuitive for clients to update on their own. Would love to try these out in one of my many upcoming WordPress projects!

  15. I recently graduated with a major in Web Development. Would like to use them as both a learning tool and for my portfolio if that’s cool to do.

  16. I’ve used elegant themes before and loved them, their ease of use and flexibility as well as beautiful design has brought me back to them a few times. I would love to win this membership and continue to create and innovate with their themes, I just saw their new theme Divi and would love to get my hands on it and create awesome sites.

  17. I like your themes, they are simple for use but very porwerfull.
    I need this theme for an amateur young soccer club. And to better my freelance work.

    Thank you for this chance.

  18. I’d love to win an ElegantThemes developer subscription, especially to try out Divi. I’m currently redesigning my own site, so this would be a great resource for both myself and my clients.

  19. I have used ElegantThemes and really appreciate their strong customer support and well written and well supported themes. Divi looks fantastic and I am looking forward to trying it out. I’d love to win a developers license for a year, I would certainly put it to good use.

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