Giveaway: 72 Photoshop PSD Nightclub Flyer Templates From FlyerHeroes

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This week we have a fantastic giveaway of 72 Photoshop PSD nightclub flyer templates by popular flyer design website,

These print ready CMYK nightclub flyer templates come in the form of FlyerHeroes' top selling bundle products, The Club Flyer Bundles 1 - 9.

Each of these Club Flyer Bundles contains 8 premium Photoshop PSD flyer templates that are perfect for bars, nightclubs, music venues and DJs.

Every one of the Photoshop PSDs come as print ready, 300dpi CMYK files - so all the hard work is done for you! All you need to do is customise!

How do I win these Club Flyer Bundles?

If you want to get your hands on a copy of one (or even all!) of the Club Flyer Bundles by FlyerHeroes for free, here's what you need to do:

    1. Share this post on either Facebook or Twitter (or both)
    2. Add a comment at the bottom of this page with a link to where you have shared this post
    3. (Optional) leave a nice comment as to why you should get a copy of these bundles

How many winners will there be?

I'm glad you asked!

There will be 10 winners in total. One lucky winner will receive all 9 Club Flyer Bundles FREE, whilst 9 more runners-up will be given 1 free download of any Club Flyer Bundle of their choice. (I'd recommend Club Flyer Bundle 9 if you get the choice, that's pretty cool).


Deadline for entry!

Winners will be announced 1 week from the posting of this competiton, so get your skates on and hurry up! If you want to be in with a chance of winning, you gotta get your comment in before comments on this post are closed 🙂

Good luck!

Preview of the Bundles











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97 thoughts on “Giveaway: 72 Photoshop PSD Nightclub Flyer Templates From FlyerHeroes”

  1. Today’s the last day to enter comments on this great giveaway! We had extended this giveaway until today i.e. for a total of 10 days as against a week. Thanks and keep sharing and have others also enter into this giveaway. Good luck.

  2. Shared @

    I do some volunteer work for a social club that rents hotel rooms, grabs the keys and everyone parties but nobody goes home until morning. It’s the safest party I have ever been to but it’s all done by volunteers that want safety first. Doing posters for all the monthly events is getting rather difficult for a non-designer like me, but this sure would go a long way in giving me enough variety for years to come…

    Roll the dice baby, papa needs a brand new bag (of software) woo hoo!

    Thanks for having a contest,

  3. I’d love to win bundle for these flyers. There are some amazing typographic lock up here as well as great overall composition. I think that I could use these in a very good tutorial for customizing templates in a Youtube video and really show other designers how to go about making something there own the right way!

  4. Shared @

    FlyerHeroes has been instrumental in my success to provide Dj’s that I support for our internet based radio stations with outstanding flyers that would normally cost $100’s of dollars to have produced professionally.

    As a weekend graphics artist, these bundles would be an outstanding addition to my collection of flyers that I could offer our staff.

    Keep up the most excellent work FH!!!!

  5. Wow! Great templates! Great opportunity to tap into a resource as a graphic designer for advertising, seniors, just about anything!!!
    Thanks for making available!

  6. I would love to win the complete bundle set of these great flyers because I would use them for our local special dance functions. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  7. These flyers are awesome but then is a high quality great resource for graphic designers.

  8. – Twitter. – Facebook (I even highlighted it)

    Why should I win this? Um, because I’m a great guy and deserve a break? Naaaaah. (I mean, I AM a great guy and I could use a break, but I bet that goes for most everyone who enters.) Something like this would help me get my as yet unknown design biz up and running . . . Besides, these are so cool! Even if I never used any of them, I’d be proud to have them taking up space on my hard drive.

  9. Des McHam shared FlyerHeroes’s photo.
    a few seconds ago
    Here is the comment I’m leaving on Facebook, Twitter, and Tagged.
    Hey guys, if you are a graphic designer, marketing agent, etc. this is the chance of a Lifetime!!! Flyer heroes is offering the opportunity to win 9, Yeah that’s right, 9 of their premium bundles for FREE. Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity.

    Here is the reason why I think I should win:
    I would love to win all 9 Bundles because I absolutely think that any product Flyer Heroes or Graphic Fuel presents is done in a spirit of excellence. I hold high regards for their designs.

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