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5 High resolution carpet textures

Friends, today’s freebie is a set of 5 high resolution fabric textures. I have taken these textures images from the carpets we recent purchased. As I was sure they are gonna make some decent patterns, I thought I should share them with you all.

Each texture is 3000×2250 pixels with 300dpi resolution. Be creative and use them for your wallpaper or web design backgrounds. Since these images are high resolution, I think  they can cope up with large backgrounds.  Drop me a comment if you find them useful or to where you'd going to use the textures. Please do spread these beautiful free stuff. If you need more related textures, check out the fabric and denim textures. Thanks!

Preview of the Carpet Textures

Author: Rafi
File Resolution: 3000×2250 pixels
Format: JPEG
Keywords: Carpet textures, textures
Size: 11.5 MB  (zip)

Download High Resolution Carpet Textures

ivory wood texture background surface with old natural pattern_5
Old grunge brick wall background red color. High quality photo

4 thoughts on “5 High resolution carpet textures”

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