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How Online Shops Should be Designed: 12 Examples

A recent consumer study found out that roughly 87% of Germans and British shopped online in 2014, up by around 7% compared to 2013. Summing up, most Europeans and American now shop online as well.

For you as a web designer, that means more projects for building online shops. Technology kept the pace too and some These layouts can be easily edited with a drag and drop and intuitive page builder like Visual Composer. That means that you can rapidly change the layout’s images, text, colors, prices or logos with your client’s. No coding knowledge is required.

To sum up, eCommerce pre-made layouts help you:
- skip the wireframing part;
- build online stores faster;

Examples of pre-built eCoommerce layouts can be found below (note: these images are taken from a Themeforest eCommerce WordPress theme top seller.



Homepage v. 2


Product page


Product page v. 2


About page


Contact page


Source: All Pre-built layouts examples are included in the Shopkeeper eCommerce WordPress Theme). A Themeforest top seller.


A quick overview: Shopkeeper eCommerce WordPress Theme

Shopkeeper  features an excellent selection of customizable pre-made layouts that admirably serve as conceptual designs as well as idea generators. The authors developed this theme, and the pre-made layouts, for the express purpose of creating attention-grabbing eCommerce websites.

This WordPress theme has everything you need to set up shop and sell products online. It is responsive, which is important, since roughly half of all online shoppers shop from their mobile devices. Shopkeeper is straightforward to install; you will be provided with ample user documentation, and a dedicated support team stands ready should you need assistance.

This eCommerce theme is easy and intuitive to work with. If you have ever used Visual Composer, with it is drag and drop editing, you know what we mean. No coding is necessary, nor is it necessary to start with a blank screen. Pre-made layouts will get you off and running in no time.

Several real life examples of Shopkeeper created online stores







Starting with a pre-made layout, and customizing it to achieve the exact results you want is not at all difficult. In fact, this eCommerce theme makes page building so easy that anyone can do it. Whether you are an experienced website builder or this is your first attempt, relying on Shopkeeper to do the heavy lifting makes good sense. There are other themes that can be used to create online stores, but only a handful are dedicated to building eCommerce sites, and fewer still are specifically designed to use WooCommerce as their platform. Shopkeeper is specifically designed for use with WooCommerce, its authors can be counted on to provide reliable support, and the theme itself is constantly being improved upon and updated.

Summing up

Roughly a third of online stores depend on WooCommerce. It is by far the most widely used eCommerce platform today. It makes sense to select a tool that was explicitly developed for use with WooCommerce. Shopkeeper is just such a tool. This WordPress theme makes it possible to create beautiful online stores as showcased above. With a careful selection of pre-made layouts, and a little imagination, you can build a website that will have customers beating a path to your door. Shopkeeper is powerful, easy to use, and offers quality support.

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