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How to Design a Cool Website for a Creative Agency

Here’s the thing. You’re assigned to build a website for the creative agency you work for. Or for another creative agency. You already know what is needed to cause clients and customers to come to the agency’s door.

You have a good idea as to what these potential clients and customers expect from a creative agency. Whether the agency deals in web design, marketing, or public relations, you want your website to pitch to the clients’ needs.

Before you can even start, you have to have the right web-building tool on hand.

In this case, you’ll want to choose a WordPress theme that is designed with creative people in mind. You want a modern, pixel-perfect theme that is seemingly capable of creating the impossible.

By selecting a theme like this one, you’ll have at your fingertips a tool that enables you to satisfy the most demanding of clients – one of which may be your boss.

Uncode WP Theme

You can check out this cool looking concept here

The Five Most Important Pages in Your Creative Agency Website

Every page is important, although not every page is visited by all. These five pages will see lots of traffic however; and they require special attention on your part:

The Homepage

More than anything else, the homepage needs to tell a user what your creative agency is and what it does – and do so instantly. It also needs to indicate, in text and/or a graphic, how your agency does what it does.

Uncode WP Theme

This Uncode Demo is a good example.

The Portfolio

Once having landed at your agency’s website, your potential client will naturally be interested in your agency’s portfolio. Your task here is to select only the very best work or project examples. Anything less than the best can be misleading, or act as a distraction. Your portfolio page must show the viewer that your agency’s work is great – and in a very few seconds.

UnCode WP Theme

Like this, for example.

“The portfolio is the most important page of a creative agency's website, because this is where a potential client actually decides if the agency is suited for the work. A cloggy design or an incoherent style is a risk. We chose, in all of Uncode concepts, to keep clarity and simplicity as essential ingredients in the design.” – David Salvatori, Uncode’s co-creator.

By using Uncode’s advanced grid system and masonry formats it’s easy to present your agency’s accomplishments in the best possible light.

The About Page

Having seen what the agency does, and how it does it, the prospective client will want to find out more about the business and its creative team. This is where the About page comes in and it is dedicated to communicating information that is essential in leading a potential client toward making the decision to come on board.

“Absolutely perfect theme. First time ever I achieved 90/100 in GTMetrix. I’ve been able to optimize this theme to load below 500ms with plenty of images! Incredible” – Tomalla (ThemeForest User)
Uncode WP Theme

This is what it should look like – uncluttered, focused, and a smart use of white space.

The Contact Page

Keep it simple. Your contact page should be devoted to conversion. It needs nothing more than a basic contact form and a call to action.
Uncode WP Theme


Clear and Simple is all that’s needed.

The Blog

A blog post is a cool way to tell users more about your agency, provide case studies, and showcase the creative team’s beliefs and ideas. To encourage users to check them out, blogs need to look great, as shown in this Uncode example:

  • the illusion of depth a parallax effect provides.
  • the positive effect of carefully selected typography, and
  • relaxing font sizes and color selections

UnCode WP Theme

You can view this blog concept here.

“Great design. It’s got a learning curve, but if you need a beautiful WP site with serious backend design, layout and customization, take a serious look at Uncode. I’ll purchase extended support rather than a new theme” – Mackay - ThemeForest User

When a Creative is Your Client

Creative agencies, by their very nature, tend to be pretentions, and at times difficult, clients. These agencies are very exacting in the work they do, just as you are, when you are putting together a portfolio. Creatives work to high standards, and it pays off – in award winning agencies, award-winning portfolios, and award-winning websites.
Just what goes on in the creative mind? A 1960s’ study came up with these answers:

  • The creative mind is introspective.
  • Its workings tend to be complex, and at times ambiguous.
  • It can excel at extracting order out of chaos, and
  • It is unconventional, and not averse to risk-taking.

Uncode WP Theme

Since these characteristics can present a definite website-building challenge, you need a design tool that is flexible, and also has awesome fine-tuning capabilities. Uncode is such a tool.

Uncode features the most advanced grid system of any WordPress theme. This feature alone gives you the design options you need to create any type of layout, from the conventional to the seemingly impossible. Uncode allows you to transform abstract ideas into concrete, and beautiful, websites. Spending a few minutes viewing Uncode’s demos should convince you of this.

“I have purchased this theme because it is by far one of the most amazing themes I have seen and that I have worked with. The clean look and the choices of different layouts and design ideas was truly outstanding.” – Honor Records - ThemeForest User

Uncode – The WordPress Theme for Creatives

Uncode is the ideal choice for creatives for several reasons:

  • Over 30 conceptual layouts that you can downloaded with a single click.
  • A hierarchical options system that gives you total control over your customizing processes.
  • An Advanced Grid system that offers remarkable layout possibilities.
  • An enhanced version of the popular Visual Composer page builder.
  • An enhanced media library in which you can store any type of media you intend to use in your website design.

Uncode is so smooth, sleek, flexible, and powerful, and its interface is so modern and intuitive, that when you begin using it, you’ll quickly discover something.
If you can think of it, you can build it.

Visit Uncode's website now, check out the features, and view the demos. You’ll be convinced that this WP theme is the idea choice for creatives, and for building creative agency websites.

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