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Huge Definitive Fonts Bundle For Just $29

Friends, I am thrilled to bring this huge bundle of 20 hard hitting fonts in the world brought to  you by DesignCuts. These best selling fonts are perfect for everything from large-scale branding projects to everyday design work. In this collection, you will find ultimate quality and variety of fonts from the celebrated type foundries such as Latinotype, Laura Worthington, Fenotype, and Black Foundry to give you absolute power to grab attention and uplift your design work.

The fonts will cost you $2142 on a regular price, but if you buy this bundle you will get these fonts for just $29, a massive 99% off.

Definitive Fonts Bundle


Designed by Daniel Hernández, Alfonso García, Bruno Jara Ahumada and Luciano Vergara. Thanks to Pedro González for his contribution in the initial stage of the design process.
Assemblage is a typeface-inspired by Roman square capitals-that comes in 6 different weights and ranging from Thin to Black. The background of the typeface makes it well-suited for branding, short text, titles and complex compositions, thanks to its italic version.

Definitive Font Bundle Assemblage

Gabriel Stencil

Gabriela Stencil is a classic font family with a unique character designed by Antonio Mejía Lechuga in collaboration with Latinotype Team. This font, well-suited for headlines, has features that emphasize its modern and elegant personality, inspired by the style of the 19th-century Didone typefaces.

Definitive Fonts Bundle Gabriel Stencil

Basic Sans Narrow

Basic Sans Narrow is a narrower version of Basic Sans. It is a family of Grotesque features with a functional, neutral and seeming clean style that looks to keep a neutral (or basic) appearance on paper, but including lots of details that give it a unique personality.

Definitive Fonts Bundle Basic Sans


Designed by Enrique Hernández V, Isidora is a modern geometric font based on the classic typefaces of the early 20th Century yet with a contemporary and functional touch. In spite of its strong and rational structure, the font also looks friendly and expressive, thanks to its rounded terminals. In addition, its diagonal terminal cuts give it a softer and more rounded appearance.

Definitive Fonts Bundle Isidora


A slim, semi-connected script with lithely upright curves, Spumante conveys the casual effervescence of its namesake wine. Smoothed brush-script letterforms bounce gently along the baseline, and letters vary slightly in their slant— characteristics that combine to create a very human and inviting mood.

Definitive Fonts Bundle Spumante


A connected script face that glows with casual elegance. Based on a personal handwriting style (rather than showy calligraphy), Alana’s inviting letterforms work convincingly in settings such as letter-writing and menu details, even at small sizes.

Definitive Fonts Bundle Alana

Eds Market

It’s like hiring your own professional sign painter with a solid repertoire of styles. Each one is distinctive, yet clearly by the same hand – in this case, Laura Worthington’s, holding a pointed brush. No variants were created on the computer; each weight and version was individually hand-lettered.

Definitive Fonts Bundle Eds Market


Wanting to design her own sans-serif typeface for her own website to complement the rest of her type library, Laura Worthington designed Congenial as an understated, highly legible complement to her more decorative display faces. Of course, Laura is never far from her calligraphic roots, so Congenial retains some hand-drawn elements, visible particularly in the heavier weights of this generous 11-face family: for example, the swelling diagonal stroke of the capital X, and the flared terminals of the K, L, Q, and Z. At lighter weights the strokes become almost monoline, but the humanist tendency is still evident — see the graceful, decidedly non-geometric curves of the k, e, and g.

Definitive Fonts Bundle Congenial

Malva Basic

Malva was designed to perform as a branding element, providing a clean look for visual identities and publications. It brings a touch of friendliness to the communication without compromising the professional look every brand strives for.

Definitive Fonts Bundle Malva Basic


Quasimoda is the “almost fashionable” sans serif family with 11 weights and matching italics. It combines fashionable geometric forms with old-fashioned classical proportions. Berlin-based Botio Nikoltchev (Lettersoup) designed Quasimoda so that the lighter weights give off a fresh, modern feel, the middle weights provide excellent readability and elegance for longer texts, while the boldest weights introduce a slightly antiquated flair.

Definitive Fonts Bundle Quasimoda


Pseudonym is a low-contrast, subtly-flared serif available in four weights across three styles in both roman and italic.

Definitive Fonts Bundle Pseudonym


Cosmopolitan is a monoline font family with script and sans versions that both work great together or alone. It comes with five weights and “printed” versions. For extra swashes, swirls and pictograms there is Cosmopolitan Extras.

Definitive Fonts Bundle Cosmopolitan

Bruel Grotesk

Taking inspiration from an attempt to marry art with the industry of Bauhaus (1919), Brueul Grotesk is classic and straightforward, cutting back superfluous elements. A Sans Serif type, it’s like a design from the Machine Age. It comes in A and B sets to offer end variations—choose the bulbous terminals set if you need a less stern impression. It then is suitable for diverse demands.
Brueul Grotesk has A and B sets with 16 letters each, giving you an all-purpose usage.

Definitive Fonts Bundle Bruel Grotesk

Alergia Grotesk

Alergia Grotesk was made as a hybrid between a classical geometric grotesque and a linear antiqua. This typeface is characterised by a lot of details, which gives it a strong character. Unpredictable cuts in a letters “a” and “s”, or a double “g” in combination with a delicate contrast, makes Alergia Grotesk a good choice for many purposes from headlines to short flowing texts. A big range of width varieties allows to versatile use and can give a nice effect while mixing extreme varieties with each other in one project. The family consist 10 weights, 3 widths and set of italics – together 60 styles. The whole family has a comprehensive set of characters.

Definitive Fonts Bundle Alergia Grotesk

Marianina FY

Marianina FY is a really big sans-serif family of 24 fonts. With its very particular inktrapes, subtle in light versions and more visible in the black ones, each roman (condensed and normal) has 6 weights and also exists in italic. Inspired by 20th century fonts, Marianina FY is a perfect contemporary font family for small and big text sizes.

Definitive Fonts Bundle Marianina FY

The Hipton

A new layered font family called The Hipton. Inspired from single strokes of gothic letters from signed paintings and made it layered. This is a collection of styles with a layered type system and many possible combinations and options.

Definitive Fonts Bundle Hipton

The Aviator Font Collection

The Aviator Font Collection is a type collaboration of four different vintage fonts – 100% awesome vintage style!

Definitive Fonts Bundle Aviator

Gorni Typeface

Gorni typeface is a display serif font with a romantic vibe.

Definitive Fonts Bundle Gorni Typeface

Aaron Script

Aaron is highly legible Script typeface, a simply beautiful, classy and elegant typeface. Can be used for various purposes such as logos, wedding invitation, t-shirt, letterhead, signage, news, posters, badges etc.

Definitive Fonts Bundle Aaron Script

Sunshine Daisies Font Collection

Sunshine Daisies Hand Lettered collection brings 15 handwritten fonts infused with fun and sunshine. All of them, including sans serif layered font, can be combined in many ways. The script is full of alternates and the layered font has a pseudorandom function embedded that means two letters will never look the same when placed next to each other. To add even more fun we have included a special Sunshine Daisies Extra font that has 150+ doodles with 2-color fills. Perfect for quotes, t-shirts, book covers, posters, packaging projects, all Sunshine Daisies fonts are fully unicode mapped so you can use them in any application. Enjoy!

Definitive Fonts Bundle Sunshine



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