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Set Of Vegetables Vector Linear Color Icons

Bustling Saturday farmers market! Fresh scents, vibrant colors – a feast for the senses. Capture it all with these vegetable vector icons in linear color. These vegetable vector icons in linear color capture that vibrant scene perfectly, bringing the fresh essence of the market to your digital projects.

The vector icons are not just illustrations; they tell a story of nature’s bounty. Each vegetable meticulously comes with clean lines and vivid colors, bringing a touch of the market’s vibrancy to your projects. Perfect for teachers and health brands alike, this set brings the colorful world of vegetables to life. The simple lines and bright colors make them catchy and informative, a great way to sneak in the benefits of healthy eating for kids.

Using the set of vegetables icons can transform your designs. Picture a health blog post about the benefits of eating fresh produce, enhanced with these charming icons. Or an app where users can track their daily vegetable intake, with each type of veggie represented by its own colorful icon.

Vector vegetable color icons

File Format: AI, EPS, SVG, PNG, JPG
Layers: Vector
Dimensions: 3000×4500 Pixels
File Size: 7.35 MB

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