Sleek minimal website PSD template

Minimal web design style is a popular web trend these days. As the name indicates, minimal websites show minimalism in the design aspect of the websites. They do not have fancy layout and complex colors.  They are structured to the point with bold typography, and exhibits clean and simple design style.

Today's freebie is a minimal website .PSD template. I have designed it to look professional and sleek in orange, grey and black colors. The free PSD template comes with the homepage PSD with full editable layers for any necessary modifications and arrangement of the content and sections as you may feel fit for your design need. Download the PSD file and let me know your thoughts.

Preview of design (Click to view large image)

Author: Rafi
File Resolution: 1600 pixels wide
Format: Photoshop file
Size: 1.63 MB  (zip)

Download Minimal Website PSD Template

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89 thoughts on “Sleek minimal website PSD template”

  1. I used this psd and and convert it to working html file, is there anything you can do and provide me the designs for other pages ? home page is done and im planning to make it responsive also

  2. Vignesh Krishnamoorthy

    Thanks for the template Craig. Design is simply cool. i am expecting your updates. can you please tell about color psychology for graphic designers and web designers.

  3. Although I have been doing web development for several years now I knew my design skills needed some work. I needed some inspiration and examples of effective and stylish web design and being able to see how the layers are built up. You guys provided just that. Your resources are phenomenal! Thank you very much for all the free downloads, the website templates will allow me to to produce stylish results at a quicker pace. God bless you guys.

  4. Rafi, I’m a web coder and I have coded some of your designs, including this. Can I use it for my portfolio for the promotion of my PSD to HTML/CSS conversion service? Thanks! -vjm

    1. You can use them, but make sure that your give proper credit that the PSD template is designed by and link it back to the relevant download page.

  5. its quite good. Maybe I will use it on my site ( Mine was designed by a friend but I dunno, been ages since I made a new one.

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