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TemplateMonster Becomes a Digital Marketplace and Welcomes New Vendors

Are you a talented web designer/developer? Are you fond of developing websites and website templates but are not satisfied with your sales? Then you need to submit your templates to a large marketplace for them to get the needed traction and for you to take your business up a notch. Actually, today we have great news for you because TemplateMonster, one of the largest template providers on the market, has launched a digital marketplace and now accepts template submissions from talented designers from all over the world!

Marketplace Journey

It all started some 15 years ago when a creative guy got tired of creating custom website designs and decided to revolutionize the field by offering templates that cost way less. With his kit of DIY tools, he was able to build themes for different branches of industry. These were the initial steps that brought TemplateMonster into being.

Since then, the company has seen the rise and the fall of many web technologies and trends. However, it managed to adapt and ride the wave of success. Till now, it has sold more than a million templates built for people from all over the globe. 2017 has also brought multiple changes to the company. This fall is the time when TemplateMonster takes it up a notch and starts accepting high-quality templates from talented designers. Are you one of them? Then let’s see how you can become a part of the TemplateMonster family.

TemplateMonster Marketplace Welcomes You

With more than 6 million potential clients from all over the globe that are hungry for new themes, now TemplateMonster invites you to earn your first $1000 and keep growing. With the TemplateMonster marketplace, you can earn up to 70% commission from each sale of your digital product and stop worrying about promoting it on your own. For example, one of the first third-party vendors to enter the marketplace was an independent web designer from Belarus. Of course, the invitation to join the marketplace sounded out of the blue to him, but he went for it and has earned over $2K in a couple of months. Impressed? Then, read further to learn the terms of joining the marketplace.

How To Join The Marketplace?

It’s not hard to become a vendor with TemplateMonster. Actually, there are 4 steps it takes to become a vendor with TM. These steps are:

  • Step #1: Fill in and sign the vendor’s application form.
  • Step #2: Wait for your future personal manager to get in touch with you and create a vendor’s profile on the TemplateMonster website for you. Ask all the questions you have.

TemplateMonster Marketplace

  • Step #3: Start uploading the themes you want to sell through the marketplace. Wait for the quality of them to be verified (you’ll get an e-mail notification once your product is uploaded to the marketplace).
  • Step #4: Track the stats and start earning money in monthly payments. Your income should constitute any sum of money that exceeds $100 to be paid out.

What Kinds of Templates Are Accepted?

If you wonder what templates the marketplace is ready to embrace, you’ll be pleased by the absence of thematic limitations. If you have a great template for any type of business, and its quality goes without saying, we’ll be ready to accept it. You can check our collection of premium WordPress themes to see what templates are currently rocking. Moreover, you can always request the latest digest of most demanded products from your personal manager.

In terms of website engines, limitations are also not that strict. However, the marketplace is oriented on offering products that run on popular and well-documented website engines. So, there are 10 types of products accepted to the TemplateMonster marketplace. See them below:

TM Marketplace Themes

If you’re still not sure whether your themes meet the marketplace requirements, check out the Product Archive Structure Requirements. This page will instruct you on how the archive of your template should be structured (depending on the template type) to be accepted and what files it should include.

How Is The Template Verified?

Being the largest template marketplace, TemplateMonster thoroughly controls the quality of products it offers. The theme verification procedure includes the following stages:

  • Marketing review: checking whether there is a demand for the product and whether it's relevant;
  • Design review: the team of experienced designers checks the design of your theme and its compliance with the latest web design trends;
  • Copyright review: checking product uniqueness and the rights of the vendor to offer it as their own creation;
  • QA review: analysis of the product functioning. All the features that the vendor attributes to the theme should function correctly;
  • Coding checkup: the coding of your template is checked for validity and observance of the clear, transparent structure;
  • Final verification and uploading: if your product passed all the stages of verification, it’ll be uploaded to the marketplace. You’ll get a corresponding notification to your email box.

You might be wondering what happens if some issues occur on one of the verification stages. Don’t worry! You’ll be contacted by your personal manager with explanation of what issues should be addressed and how you can tackle them. Then, your theme will pass the verification again, and, hopefully, start bringing you the desired income.

Learn more about the process of template verification and uploading to the marketplace by watching this video:

Earn The Way You Like: Exclusive and Non-exclusive Products

The largest marketplace gives you a great choice: you can sell the theme only on the TemplateMonster marketplace (and earn up to 70% from each sale), or sell it on this platform, as well as on other platforms (and earn 40% from each sale). The great thing is that you decide for each template how you want to sell it, so you can both sell exclusive and non-exclusive products.

TM Exclusive & Non-exclusive ProductsHowever, don’t be rude and don’t violate exclusivity rules. If you sell your theme as ‘Exclusive’ and our team finds it being sold on other websites, you’ll be offered to delete it from all the websites except If you don’t take the needed action, the status of the theme will be changed to ‘Non-exclusive’ with your income recalculated correspondingly.

How Is The Template’s Price Determined?

When the theme undergoes the verification process, the functionality it offers, its design and coding are thoroughly evaluated by our experts. Then, they come up with the price for the template. However, this decision is not final. You can request the price that’s up to 15% lower or higher than the price offered and you’ll see the new price that best fits the company and you.

If you’re searching for the way to get the price for your product higher and earn more, you can just go for offering technical support for the theme you sell. In this case, you’ll show that you really stand for the quality of products you produce and are ready to handle any issues that your clients face. Getting higher income and ensuring that your clients end up being happy clients is just great for your business to keep growing with TemplateMonster, isn’t it?

Template Price


What Makes TemplateMonster Marketplace So Special?

TemplateMonster marketplace shouted its name loudly and became the largest template marketplace on the market after being launched. Of course, it can offer you better terms and higher income than other marketplaces. Let’s see the difference, by comparing TM marketplace to the second largest marketplace on the market, which is ThemeForest.

  • With TemplateMonster, you can sell both exclusive and non-exclusive products with one vendor account. ThemeForest makes you choose between either selling all the products exclusively or non-exclusively.
  • The verification time is minimized to let you start earning your money quicker. It takes around 12 hours to verify a template, and this period of time can be extended to 1 to 3 days when needed. To compare, it takes up to 2 weeks for ThemeForest to verify a product.
  • The number of products you submit to TemplateMonster marketplace is by no means limited. On the other hand, ThemeForest lets you submit just 1 product to 1 category at a time.
  • With TemplateMonster, you can assign your product to as many categories as you need. On the contrary, ThemeForest limits you to just 1 category.
  • You don’t pay any fee for contributing to the TemplateMonster marketplace on a regular basis. ThemeForest deducts from its vendors an author’s fee that depends on how much they contribute to the market.
  • TM marketplace has a transparent system of calculating your income. You either get 40% for non-exclusive items, or up to 70% for exclusive items. To compare, the system of deducting how much you’ll earn with ThemeForest is pretty complex, as the total a client pays for the theme is split into license fee, support fee, buyer fee, handling fee and taxes, and the amount of money a vendor gets is calculated separately for every template.
  • With TemplateMonster, you can influence the pricing set up for your theme (by adding or distracting up to 15% from it). Evanto Market representatives set the price for the template themselves and don’t let you influence this decision.

So, it's pretty obvious that the new-born TemplateMonster marketplace offers better terms and gives you more freedom in terms of selling the template the way you like.

TM Digital Product Vendor


Wrapping Up

So, if you’re a talented web designer, don’t waste your time, and start earning more with TemplateMonster today. With this marketplace, you’ll boost your income, get personalized assistance, and be able to conquer new markets within a short period of time. I hope today becomes the day of your fruitful cooperation with one of the biggest template markets in the world that’s warmly welcoming you!

Do you still have some in-depth questions that concern becoming a vendor? Then, we have a free e-book for you that describes the process of becoming a vendor and earning with TemplateMonster in detail. Find a link to download it here:

Free Ebook

Do you have any questions about TemplateMonster marketplace or becoming a vendor? Drop a line in the 'Comments' section below and I’ll be happy to get back with you and answer all of your questions.

Stay tuned!


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