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Uncode Theme: Showcase Your Creativity Through Visual Experiences

Uncode features unique website and page-building capabilities. They are derived from the fact that our world is very much a visual world. The human brain processes text at roughly the same rate as we can read. It also can process information contained in images more than 4 times faster.

That is why it’s so important to take great care in designing websites, portfolios, and blogs. They need to make a statement and will have an impact.
That is why Uncode is an ideal choice when you want to fully unleash the power of visuals. You don’t have to be a web design expert to use it.

1. What is Uncode, and What Can It Do for You?

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It often takes a powerful visual statement to capture people’s attention. In this respect, Uncode, with its pre-built demos, is the ideal theme for web designers. It is also perfect for photographers, and other creators who are looking for a way to make a statement.

Uncode is not at all difficult to work with either and no coding is necessary. Simply select a template (or build your own), upload your content, and hit Publish.


Every demo created by Uncode’s professional designers is unique. Uncode's demos provide a memorable visual experience. It can be a hypnotic parallax image, a one-click gallery, or a cool eCommerce design.

1. Uncode’s Exciting New and Improved Features

Version 1.7 saw the advent of a cool assortment of new and improved features. They are designed to make your efforts to create great visual experiences easier.

Slides Scroll and Snap Scroll

Take a so-so one-page website and incorporate the Slides Scroll functionality. You suddenly will have a one-pager that will cause jaws to drop; for several reasons.

  • You can mix and match sections, galleries, and slides however you please to get maximum effects.
  • You can put visuals where you want on a blank canvas and a single, scrollable page.
  • Slides Scroll enables you to create awesome transitions. It enables visitors to move effortlessly from section to section.

The Gallery Manager and Albums Gallery Roles in Creating an Awesome Visual Experience

You’ve done a good job of presenting your work, but it could still use that little extra spark. This is where Gallery Manager and Albums Gallery come in. With Gallery Manager, you can create an incredible showcase or portfolio. It will take you just a few clicks.

Albums Gallery allows you to categorize gallery items and place them in folders. You can also place the folders in a parent gallery while making them easy to locate.

The Improved Admin Facilitates Easier Website Management

This is not an upgrade of the old Admin feature. It’s based on a totally new design, and it features a new and improved UI. An enhanced Demo Layout installer and an improved Adaptive images feature are also there. Do not forget about the restructured Theme Options feature.

Uncode’s overall UI has also been changed to match its sleek new skin.

New Concepts

Every new version brings with it new Concepts. These, like others, are based on user input and feedback.

Creative Director

Uncode Creative Director

Creative Director is an attention-getting layout that’s guaranteed to excite creatives who are waiting to show the world their talent and their work.

Classic Firm

Uncode Classic Firm

Classic Firm will be an excellent choice for artist collectives and contemporary art studios.

Shop Techie

Uncode Shop Techie

Shop Techie makes excellent use of Slide Scroll in this eCommerce concept with the idea of making online shopping a stunning and exciting experience.

Shop Parallax

Uncode Shop Parallax

Shop Parallax will keep users engaged due to the hypnotic effect the full screen slides create.

Portfolio Albums

Uncode Portfolio Albums

Portfolio Galleries provides a basis for creating stunning portfolios; no surprise here.

Showcase Updates

Uncode users are understandably proud of their work. The showcase of user-created website shows why this is true. Browse through the hundreds of creative visions brought to life. You’ll very likely come away with a few inspirations for your next creative endeavor.

2. Favorite Uncode Features

New features often generate excitement and fill in some gaps. Uncode’s always popular time-tested features remain in place. Some of them are untouched, and some are enhanced.

Visual Composer

Uncode’s tailored version of Visual Composer gives you more freedom than ever. You can turn your creative visions into reality. With VC and Uncode’s Content Blocks you can organize content as you see fit. Also, you can freely incorporate media into your websites.

Fun Time and Serious Time – 6+ Menu Styles

You can look upon options from the standpoint of having to make tough decisions. Or, you can look at options, in this case, optional menu styles, as an opportunity to see what will work for you. Whatever menu you choose, the end result will be simple and intuitive navigation.

A Most Popular Evergreen Feature – Adaptive Images

The Adaptive Images Feature detects screen sizes and automatically re-scales images accordingly. One less thing for you to worry about.

Professional-Looking Portfolio and Blog Layouts


To some users, this is what this theme is all about. It’s a favorite feature, particularly among creative professionals. This is another area in which you can play around until you hit it right. If what you end up isn’t precisely what you want, you can modify the layout with a few clicks.

Customize Your Online Shop with WooCommerce Single-Product Features

Uncode is always up to date with the latest WooCommerce plugin. So, you’ll never worry about having issues with it. Single Product features include Product Zoom, and a Custom Width layout control. Carousel and Stack layout modes are also in the package. Plus, the ability to customize your product pages down to the tiniest of details.

1. In Short, why is Uncode the Perfect Theme for Creatives?

Uncode was designed to allow users to create awesome visual experiences.

The theme has everything necessary to turn cool and unique ideas into realities. It allows users to showcase those realities in a way that stands out from the crowd.

Uncode proves that it doesn’t require a lot of work to create breath-taking visuals. Virtually anyone who can click a mouse can easily do so.

It takes but a few hours to build a reward-winning portfolio, or create a blog. You can also let the world see your talents and visually experience your work.

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