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Stop Chasing After Innovation, When It is Staring You in the Face!

If you are a web designer/developer, keeping up with the latest trends in your line of work is very important. Besides, these days you have to deal with clients that demand innovative work. Thus, you might feel lost in your search for the latest and greatest innovative ideas.

The fact is: with the right tool at your disposal, innovation is practically staring you in the face. You will discover that it is possible to build a high-quality website your clients will love in no time. You will just need to rely on innovative ideas and concepts provided by others. It is really that easy!

1. Innovation the Easy Way: A Single Click is All It Takes

What is this “right” tool that takes care of any innovation issues you might have? It is a ThemeForest best-selling WordPress theme – Be Theme. The package includes more than 260 pre-built websites. Each one of them is designed as a modern, responsive, and innovative website.

These websites come with the quick installer that puts innovation at your fingertips. This 40-second video shows you how it all happens.
With Be Theme, you can meet the high expectations of innovation-hungry clients. It is a win-win situation for everyone!

2. Let Be Theme Help You Win Over These 10 Most Common Client Types

For Clients Selling Online Courses: Be eLearning

Be Learning

This is but one example of how Be Theme’s pre-built websites cover such a wide variety of industries, businesses, and niches. It is easy to work with, and easy to customize to meet your eLearning client’s every need.

For Interior Design & Architecture Business Clients: Be Tiles

Be Tiles

The first time you are given the task of building a website for an interior designer or an architect, you may be at somewhat of a loss at trying to understand what their business is all about. Be Tiles takes care of that problem for you with its well-structured, geometrically-inspired approach.

For Those Working in Creative Industries: Be Artist

Be Artist

Creatives and artistic types are by nature highly innovative, and they’ll expect nothing less from you. Be Artist gives you a solid, easily customizable foundation for building a website that will meet this client type’s most exacting standards and satisfy their often unique and exquisite tastes.

For Catering Industry Clients: Be Burger

Be Burger

The food-oriented industry is a highly competitive one. Your clients in this area will naturally want you to deliver websites that will stand out amongst their competitors. Be Burger’s combination of tasty images, menus, easy to order forms will get you off to a great start.

For Those in the Fitness and Wellness Industry: Be Sports Club

As the health and fitness industry continues to grow and since many of the existing websites in the industry aren’t much to look at, clients will line up to get a website like this Be Sports Club’s modern design and eye-catching animations to advertise their services.

For Clients Working in the Travel and Lodging Industry: Be Hotel2

Be Hotel

If a client representing the travel and lodging industry comes knocking at your door, Be Hotel2 is precisely what you need to provide that client with a website that should bring you a handsome return. This pre-built website features all the sections most clients will be looking for; and you can customize it in a few hours.

For Restaurant or Bistro Owners: Be Restaurant

Be Restaurant

You can look far and wide, and you’ll never see a restaurant website that’s a match for this one. Whether it’s a high-class restaurant at a destination site, or a cozy little café down the street, Be Restaurant is easy to customize to match a client’s needs and tastes.

For Those Innovative IT Clients: Be VPN


IT startup owners can be hard to satisfy. They place great stock in innovative solutions to complex problems, and they’ll expect an innovative approach from you as well. Be VPN, with its professional, yet friendly look, is the go-to pre-built website when you need to please the most demanding of these IT types.

For Those Who Sell Luxury Cars for a Living: Be Car

Be Car

A luxury car sales organization deserves an elegant, luxurious website to advertise its products. Be Car’s superb hero image, its adroit use of whitespace, clever color scheme, and choice of details will make you a hero in your client’s eyes.

3. Ultimate Benefits of Jumping Off the “Innovation” Merry-Go-Round

Maybe, it is time to stop chasing after that elusive “cool new innovative trend”. It will be wiser to devote your time satisfying your clients’ real requirements. You will certainly find this more beneficial.

  • With the tools you have, you can stop wasting time chasing after the “perfect” theme. You can now build websites that will result in happy clients. Consequently, you will see repeat clients and referred clients. Ultimately, more income for you.
  • You can build a website for most industries and niches in 4 hours or less. Meanwhile, your competitors are still trying to figure out where to start.
  • As soon as the prospective clients start coming to you in large amounts, you can become more selective. You can choose who you want to work for (no more Scrooges, know-it-alls, or indecisive customers).


Just how do you jump off that Merry-Go-Round? Simply stop doing what everyone else is doing – which makes it hard to stand out from the crowd.

If you give your clients what they want and need, they will simply forget about asking you to be more innovative.

  • Be Theme is just the thing for making your life, and those of your clients, happier.
  • Its intuitive 1-click installer will save you oodles of time.
  • Its 260+ pre-built websites allow you to take on any industry or niche. All of them are chock full of innovative design ideas and concepts.
  • What your clients receive: clean, responsive, high-performing websites loaded with innovative ideas.
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