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Uncode – When You Need a Pixel-Perfect Theme for Creative Professionals

Have you fallen into the trap of spending too much time working on behalf of your clients? Maybe you also noticed that you don’t time to build a portfolio, or update your existing one?

As a professional, you’re not expected to neglect your clients to take time to put your own house in order. Still, you need to find some way to create a little extra time to build your portfolio. You also need to find a tool that enables you to showcase your work without a need for coding and development.

Fortunately, there’s a theme that does either or both.

What is the Theme in Question? It’s Uncode


Why spend time and effort just to create a so-so portfolio when you have Uncode? This pixel-perfect WordPress theme is what you need to create an attention-grabbing portfolio. Moreover, you can do so in no time at all. Many web designers and bloggers have found Uncode an ideal choice for their projects.

Uncode has always been easy to use. It has the tools and templates you need to get underway; so you won’t waste time staring at a blank canvas.

And, there’s more good news. The latest version, Uncode 1.6, is even better.

Uncode’s Exciting New Features

Uncode WP Theme

When the Uncode team was putting version 1.6 together, it wasn’t simply to give you an easier and better way to satisfy your clients. They also wanted to make it easier for you, as well as other creative professionals, to showcase your own work. With Uncode 1.6, you don’t have to do a balancing act to find time to help yourself while working to satisfy your clients.

A sampling of what 1.6 is all about:

WooCommerce Features

Uncode Theme Woocommerce

  • Uncode has always been fully integrated with WooCommerce; but the Uncode team nevertheless took steps to ensure compatibility with WooCommerce 3.1, so you won’t experience any problems with the plugin.
  • The team also added several product page custom design options. They included a custom-width layout control, and added a product carousel, stack layer modes, and an optional product zoom feature.

More New Design Options

Uncode WP Theme Design Options

  • Several new Layout Management options designed to increase your layout possibilities, accompany Version 1.6. These include shadow and border radius controls, and useful off-grid options.
  • Bloggers, photographers, and product marketers will find the new Post Module Lateral Thumbnail options useful. These options make it possible to create truly unusual and unique portfolio layouts and blog styles.
  • With mobile device users in mind, the Uncode team came up with the Centered Mobile Menu option that enables web designers to mimic the overlay style used in mobile device displays. This ensures your portfolio, blog, or product pages will always look the way you want them to on mobile devices.
  • Being able to define your grid “By Matrix” is an interesting feature. When you choose variations in the Single Block Tab, those variations apply to the grid, instead of to specific elements. What this means to you, is when you add a new element, all the other elements will automatically shift to take it into account, thus preserving your present layout.

Uncode WP Theme Gallery

  • Uncode’s new Justify Gallery Layout is a feature photographers have been anticpating. Inspired by Google Images and Flickr layouts, it represents an elegant and welcome solution for professional photographer’s websites.
  • Many users have been hoping for a grid that perfectly fits their screen. The new Fluid Metro layout can make that happen.
  • Uncode now has almost any type of button you can envision. You might as well refer to this feature as “Buttons Galore”. There are flat buttons, classic buttons, transparent “ghost buttons”, colorful buttons of all shapes and sizes, and on and on.
  • Mega menu and shadow drop-down options are typically not easy to control. The Horizontal Drop-Down Menu options change all that, and they even enable you to animate drop-down inputs for a more modern and appealing look.

As Popular as Ever: Uncode’s Time-Tested Earlier Features

Although they anticipated users would be enamored by the features added in version 1.6. they were careful not to throw out any of the old ones. After all, these earlier features are responsible for taking 24,000+ cool ideas, and converting them into reality.

A few of these features, as you would expect, have undergone enhancements.

  • Take Visual Composer and WordPress for example. Uncode has tailored some VC features to better meet the needs of its user base, and enhanced several WordPress features. The net result is to greatly expand what you can accomplish with either.
  • Uncode retained the use of Content Blocks, which make organizing content a much easier task, and makes it possible to incorporate cool video segments in your websites.
  • The large array of customizable Templates is now even larger, making it even easier to find a perfect match. If you have trouble customizing a template to fit your needs (a seldom thing, but nevertheless a possibility), you always have the option of creating one from scratch.
  • The 6+ Menu Style Options are still available, and give you plenty of freedom to try out different schemes to see what works best for you. Since each style is simple and intuitive, users will never experience a problem navigating to where they intend to go.
  • The popular Adaptive Images feature allows your image to appear correctly on your website, irrespective of the size or shape of the screen it is being viewed on. Visitor’s screen sizes and shapes are automatically detected and taken into account to allow an appropriate rescaling of the display.
  • Uncode’s greatly appreciated selection of cool Blog and Portfolio layouts has also been retained. Take some time to experiment with them. It’s fun, and you’ll probably come up with some great ideas. If you should pick one, and it doesn’t seem to work for you, changing a layout is never a problem.

Just What Is it that Makes Uncode the Perfect Theme for Creatives?

Uncode WP Theme For Creatives

  • The Uncode team designed the product with the needs of creative professionals in mind;
  • Another reason is Visual Composer. It’s been tailored to build any layout you want, without ever having to resort to writing code;
  • Uncode’s many design options enable creatives to achieve the website look they want;
  • The special blog and portfolio options are greatly appreciated by creative professionals;
  • The centered mobile menu feature allows you to showcase your work on mobile devices;
  • The generous customer’s showcase is inspirational and a great time saver.

Wrapping It Up

Uncode offers many exceptional features, including those incorporated in its latest version. This perfect theme aims to help creative professionals design outstanding websites. But that's not all! With Uncode, you can also quickly build awesome portfolios to showcase your work.

Everything needed is there and waiting, whether it’s for an eCommerce website, a blog, or a portfolio. No more struggling to stand out from the crowd because you haven’t the time or the resources to do anything about it. This pixel-perfect theme will put those worries to rest.


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