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What’s the Problem If You Don’t Create Your Designs from Scratch?

Here’s Why It Doesn’t Make You Any Less Professional

Most debates never get anywhere. This is because the parties involved tend to believe what they want to believe. The debate about whether web designers is a case in point. It is about whether they should create designs from scratch or use pre-built websites.

There is a difference though. It is that it's easy to demonstrate the advantages pre-built websites bring to the table. There’s nothing unprofessional about using a template. The same goes for any other tool to help the design process along.

Highly-experienced, well-respected designers can and should create their designs from scratch. They’re usually perfectly capable of doing so. That’s not to say they’re above looking for a little help when they wander into unfamiliar terrain.

Experienced designers know how and when to use aids like pre-built websites. They can help them to do a job and do it in a way that will completely satisfy their client.

Let’s explore some of the pros and cons.

Designing from scratch gives you creative freedom, while pre-built websites rob you of your creative mark

Creativity is a must-have quality if you want to be successful in web design. It’s not one and the same thing as creating a design from scratch, however. If you believe it is, you could easily set yourself up for failure. You just need to create impossible standards for yourself.

Creativity doesn’t just happen. A foundation of knowledge is required to build it on. You can’t know everything about everything. Thus, there are many (most) areas where the necessary spark of genius just won’t be there waiting for you to grab it.

Sometimes you need to build a website for a business, whose standards are unfamiliar to you. In this case, a pre-built website can be a Godsend. It provides a foundation you can build upon by giving you the creative freedom to customize it. Be Theme has the largest pre-built website library on the market. You have your pick of 390+ of them, with around 10 more being added every month. They’re organized by industry and content type and the number of special business niches addressed will surprise you.

For example:









And, that’s just a start!

You’re not professional unless you design from scratch. Pre-built websites are for lazy types and beginners.

“You’re not professional unless …” are dangerous words. Taking them to the heart can lead to anxieties and burnout. There can be a strong temptation to copy what those you regard as professionals are doing. Each one a creativity killer.

Becoming a professional means one thing above all others. It is delivering precisely what your client wants or needs. Period.

That’s your number one priority.

Where some designers slip up is trying to impress clients with beautiful websites. They are loaded with eye candy, bells, and whistles. In reality, those clients are looking for something much simpler that will work for them.

That’s where a pre-built website whose content is pre-approved for the industry will be a big help.

Like these simple designs.







“Simple” isn’t it?

You have to put 110% effort into every project. If you can’t treat each client equally, you shouldn’t take clients at all

When you were in school, have you ever tried spending equal time and effort on each of your studies? It doesn’t work very well, does it? What different clients want can be as different as Calculus is from English Lit. Either can be easy or difficult depending on your experience and mindset. But it’s unlikely they will be equally easy for you to work with.

You simply can’t go with a one-size-fits-all approach to your projects. Especially so when you’re trying to juggle several assignments at once.

If you have 5 clients and try to give each an equal amount of time, chances are you’ll miss at least 3 deadlines, if not 5.

If you work with a team it gets easier, especially when you can find the right fit for each team member.

Research time can be a big factor. If you’re strength lies in fashion, you will have to find time to study when an IT-related project comes along.

A one-man band can be entertaining, but it can’t compete with a group of professional musicians. You might find yourself short on time and don’t have a team to complement your skills. Then, a pre-built website can be a perfect solution to the problem you’re facing.

You could perhaps create any of the following designs from scratch. This if you had the time and experience. If not, you have these ready-to-work-with options.










It would be nice to be able to create every design from scratch and meet all your deadlines. It would also be great to satisfy each and every one of your clients every time.

When you feel you are ready and able to start a design project from scratch, more power to you. That’s unlikely to be the case for every project, however, so it’s important that you learn to pick your battles.

Doing a project all on your own from start to finish will often be the most sensible choice. You might be faced with a lack of time or budget. Or, you might not be quite in sync with the demands and standards of a particular business or industry. Then, pre-built websites can be the key to providing a client the high-quality service.

If you haven’t already, give Be’s library of pre-built websites a closer look. You might be in for a very pleasant surprise.


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