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Search Over 25 Million Graphics

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Search Over 25 Million Graphics

24h Left! Top 8 Cyber Monday 2022 Deals For Designers That Expire Today

Any of the following Cyber Monday specials can do both – for your website design or for a client’s website or business. You were too preoccupied with something to take advantage of Black Friday’s offerings. Now you have a second chance to take advantage of some genuine bargains.

There are some significant discounts to be had. Where you’ll really come out ahead depends on what the products themselves offer. That is a return on your investment that can grow for years to come.

As you go down the list, you’ll find a variety of opportunities to invest in something. It will keep rewarding you immediately, into 2023, and beyond.

With the wpDataTables plugin in your design toolbox you can do things that will bring a smile to the face of even the most demanding of clients, such as:

  • producing websites that feature tables and/or charts that are attractive, informative, responsive, and easily maintainable.
  • given huge amounts of complex data to work with, being able to create the exact tables or charts your client is expecting, and in minutes rather than hours or days.
  • never having to say, “I can’t do this because of multiple data source and formatting issues”.

wpDataTables does all of these things, quickly and efficiently.

Processing huge amounts of data is not a problem.

  • 4 popular chart-building engines are at your fingertips
  • wpDataTables can process data from multiple database sources and in multiple formats
  • powerful filtering and sorting tools ensure you will get the expected results
  • users can access and edit their own entries
  • key data can be highlighted or color-coded using Conditional Formatting

Click on the banner to learn more and take advantage of the 50% Cyber Monday developer license discount.

What rewards does Amelia bring to the table? If your client’s business depends heavily on appointment bookings but the booking operation itself is manual or only partly automated, it could negatively affect the company’s bottom line.

With Amelia, booking operations can be fully automated and streamlined.

The rewards:

  • Errors associated with manual operations are eliminated.
  • Clients can book and manage their appointments and make payments online 24/7. Wait times are eliminated.
  • Reminders are sent out automatically, reducing the number of no-shows.
  • Employee assignments and schedules are tracked automatically.
  • Amelia manages group appointments, events, and ticket sales.
  • Amelia manages services at one or multiple locations from a single platform and a single dashboard.
  • Amelia supplies an ideal booking management solution for beauty parlors, health and fitness centers, training centers, consulting operations, and similar enterprises.

Click on the banner, check Amelia out, and don’t forget the 50% Cyber Monday discount.

Trafft is another time and money saver by allowing a business to use a single tool to streamline and manage its booking operations at a single or multiple locations.

  • These operations would include managing on-site or virtual appointments, meetings, group bookings, events, and employee assignments and schedules.
  • They would also include sending reminders to and accepting payments from clients.
  • Clients, management, and employees alike will like the following features Trafft provides:
  • A custom domain can be assigned to the Trafft platform.
  • Coupons and other service extras are available.
  • Trafft integrates easily with Google Calendar, Google Meet, and Outlook Calendar sync to track appointment and event scheduling.
  • Virtual meetings are supported via Zoom integration.
  • Stripe, PayPal, Mollie, and are the payment options of choice.

Click on the banner to find out if Trafft is the right choice for you, and to take advantage of a 40% and 50% Cyber Monday discount.

“Build it your way.” could easily be this aptly named theme’s slogan. If Total lacks anything, it would be the obstructions and design limitations that are all too common in many other themes.

  • Total’s easy site-building features include an extended version of WPBakery together with hundreds of section templates, ready-to-use demos, Elementor elements, and more.

Slider Revolution is included, plus Total integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce.

If a website you built a long time ago has started to look boring and outdated, LayerSlider can give it a quick fix with its modern graphics, eye-catching animations, and interactive features.

  • Features include 150+ website, slider, and popup templates, and a modern, easy-to-use editor interface.
  • LayerSlider is cost-effective, and even more so with the 30% discount (use promo code BFCM30). The LayerSlider team also offers one-on-one customer support.

The Mobirise website builder offers several tantalizing features.

  • It’s free to download.
  • It’s an offline website builder. You have complete control over your design, plus you can host it wherever you want.
  • It’s free to use for commercial as well as private projects, plus it’s based on the latest website-building design trends and technologies.

The Mobirise team offers a 33% Cyber Monday discount on their already very cheap price of 149 USD (normally 8966 USD, a 98% savings!) for the Mobirise All-in-One Kit of 175 premium themes/extensions.

Is WhatFontIs better than whatthefont? Definitely! Why? Whatfontis searches fonts in ALL foundries. Yes, even DaFont, Google, Adobe and MyFonts.

  • The AI-based search engine also provides a number of close matches.
  • WhatFontIs uses a huge 850k fonts database of both commercial and free fonts.
  • Cursive fonts can be identified if the letters are separated.

With WhatFontIs at your fingertips you can quickly locate that elusive “must have” font.

WoodMart’s list of features is indeed impressive when compared to other eCommerce-related themes.

They include –

  • 75+ prebuilt websites and 50+ Elementor widgets
  • An intuitive shop page builder, a header builder, and a selection of Ajax filters.
  • An assurance that your website will be performance and SEO optimized.

The best way to get an idea of what WoodMart could do for you is to visit the website.

This is the time of year when you start thinking of a project or two you’d like to initiate after the holidays, if not before. You also want to ensure you are making good choices while planning for these projects. Those choices involve tools, resources, or adding to or improving your web design skillset. We’ve put together this guide to the Best Cyber Monday deals to help you out.

Discounts or not, these are all top picks. The opportunity to reward yourself with a substantial Cyber Monday discount isn’t something you want to let slip by.

Happy Shopping!

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