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9 Top WordPress Plugins You Should Start Using

There are various ways to convert a so-so website into one capable of bringing in more that its fair share of repeat and referred visitors. Also, can become a genuine money-making machine.

To make good things happen may take nothing more than adding animations or special effects to certain page sections. Or adding interactive charts or graphs that are genuinely useful (as opposed to being there just for show). Or adding a selection of pertinent social media posts.

The way you go about doing any or all of the above isn’t complicated. All you need is the right plugin (or plugins) to do the heavy lifting for you.

A note of caution however: To ensure you’re going to get the added functionality and performance you need, the smart move and the best way to get the most value for your money is to invest in one of the best WordPress plugins.

A top quality WordPress plugin isn’t necessarily all that expensive. You can in fact pay even more for a lower-quality product, so you might as well go with the best; like the 9 Top WordPress plugins presented here.

When you can automate a process, you’ll generally enjoy the benefits of saving time, reducing stress, and eliminating errors. That is precisely what the Amelia WordPress plugin will do for you if your business is relying on a manual or semi-automated appointments or events booking system.

  • Amelia automates both while giving customers, clients, and employees total control over their respective activities.
  • Clients no longer have to be put on hold. They can make, change, or cancel an appointment immediately, 24/7.
  • Appointments are always booked at times that will be satisfactory for both clients and employees.
    Amelia can manage unlimited appointments for an unlimited number of clients.
  • You can create packages of appointments to help you upsell services
  • Amelia can service multiple locations
  • Employees can manage their own schedules and avoid situations in which an appointment would overlap with another or interfere with personal needs
  • Employees and clients do not have to log into WordPress to make or manage an appointment, thy can use front-end panels

Click on the banner to learn more about what Amelia has to offer.

We are usually impressed when performing a difficult task is made to look easy. In the WordPress world, plugins are often called upon to take on complex or time-consuming tasks.

wpDataTables easily creates responsive, interactive, and editable tables and charts under various circumstances

  • the amount of data can be massive, yet wpDataTables creates tables or charts in minutes rather than hours
  • data can be accepted from a variety of file types and formats
  • real-time MySQL data can be used to create a table or chart
  • key information presented in a table or chart can be highlighted or color-coded
  • once a table or chart has gone online it can still be edited

wpDataTables lends itself well to processing financial and operational statistics, charting the results of complex analyses, performing data comparisons, and more, but it can be used by anyone desiring to create an attractive and informative table or chart.

While bundling simple products is easily achievable with common tools, bundling variable products or specific variations calls for a more sophisticated approach, which can be accomplished by very few powerful plugins such as WPC Product Bundles only.

This popular plugin supports whatever product bundling strategies you may want to put into play, by –

  • combining simple products, variable products, specific product variations, or mixes of those variations to form smart product bundles
  • previewing bundled products using Smart Quick View popup without leaving the bundle page
  • utilizing different selector interfaces for bundled products: ddSlick, Select2, HTML tag, or Radio Buttons
  • managing inventory, shipping charges, taxes, and invoice processing

Significantly, WPC Product Bundles are integrated with loads of awesome features from other WPC plugins for WooCommerce stores. Click on the banner to find out more.

Personalization has changed the game when it comes to online marketing. Without it your site is relying on luck that your message will resonate with your visitors.

Logic Hop uses real-time data to target individual visitors and show the right content at the right time resulting in more conversions. Features like geolocation, dynamic text replacement and integrations with page builders and Gravity Forms make Logic Hop the best personalization tool on the market.

Don’t wait any longer – See what personalization can do for you.

This WordPress plugin is especially useful for beginning and mid-level website designers who may be looking for ways to WOW their clients with professional-looking visuals.

  • Slider Revolution’s intuitive drag and drop editor makes visuals design quick and easy
  • Templates for sliders, hero sections, and other page sections are at your fingertips
  • Design aids include royalty-free images, font icons, videos, and more

Click on the banner to learn more.

LayerSlider makes it possible for millions of website owners to create unique sliders and special effects for their sites. It’s a full-fledged animation builder rather than a just slider tool with features like:

  • Drag and drop visual editor without any need for coding experience
  • A Popup feature to display important messages such as store offers, newsletter subscriptions, or adverts
  • Animated page blocks, which you can use to build even a complete website.

Click to learn more.

 If your customer support staff is overwhelmed by the amount of email in their inbox and underwhelmed by the methods used to address the problem, why not give Heroic Inbox a try.

  • Heroic Inbox uses smart workflow techniques, coupled with a snappy UI to achieve the coveted Inbox Zero status
  • Heroic Inbox tracks key metrics to monitor email answering performance

Check it out. Your staff will love you for it.

Ads Pro is far and away the best WordPress ad management plugin on the market today, and is well suited for managing multiple ads, multiple display types, and variable and constantly changing content.

The package includes –

  • 25+ responsive and user friendly ad templates
  • 20+ different ad display configurations
  • A cool UI
  • An Order Form and Statistics module
  • 3 Billing modules and 4 Payment methods

Click to find out more.

Incorporating social media feeds into your site can require a fair amount of up-front effort followed by lots of babysitting. A much easier approach is to allow Flow-Flow to do much of the work for you.

Flow-Flow –

  • Lets you add as many social feeds to a stream as you want
  • Is highly customizable, responsive, and does not require coding to set up
  • is Envato’s top-selling social media plugin

Take advantage of Flow-Flow’s Lite test drive version.


A good plugin can be a life-saver. Whether you’re faced with a need to add functionality to your website or simply want to make it more appealing and engaging to its visitors. Many useful WordPress plugins give good value for the cost. Top-rated plugins will invariably give you the greatest value by far and at a more than reasonable price.

Any of the top WordPress plugins featured in this article could turn a so-so website into a money-making machine. Every one of them is easy to set up and work with. It has been designed to make life easier for their eventual users as well as for WordPress administrators.

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