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The Total Package: Get to Know BeTheme’s 3 New Builders & 600+ Pre-Built Sites

The purpose of WordPress themes and plugins is to make the work of the site owner easier, not harder. Neither should they limit what the user can do with it. Unfortunately, some WordPress users have a hard time to find the tool that does the job and is easy to use.

WordPress themes and plugins determine the way visitors interact with a WordPress site and how much they like it. But themes and plugins also determine the technical possibilities.

Some of the WordPress themes and plugins either make life more difficult or do not allow the user to make the desired product and they lack the desired flexibility.

BeTheme is different. It is the total package that does exactly what it should do. These are some of the features that BeTheme offers:

  • A backend builder
  • A frontend builder
  • A WooCommerce builder
  • 600+ pre-built websites

There are no hidden costs in BeTheme. The user pays one flat fee. Now, it includes all features that BeTheme offers at a one-time price. It is the right tool for building a professional website.

Find out about All-in-One WordPress Solutions by BeTheme

That sounds good but what is better than seeing BeTheme in action? Here are some examples of how it works.

1. Create and manage Sites with the Backend Muffin Builder 3

Anyone that has ever built a WordPress page knows that there is no perfect page builder. Of course, each one has its pros and cons. In the ideal case, a web page builder offers the right tools and adapts to the needs of the user.

A drag-and-drop builder looks great and is very easy to work with and allows anyone to make a website. On the downside, it does not leave much flexibility or room for creativity.

BeTheme offers a visual drag-and-drop interface, without sacrificing flexibility. It offers designers a wide range of tools so they can design websites the way they want to.

Muffin Builder 3 is the backend editor embedded into BeTheme. This feature allows users to make exactly what they want. The drag-and-drop option is very intuitive. BeTheme also offers a wide variety of predefined settings, pre-built sections, and templates. But, it is possible to do the coding by hand as well, giving great flexibility.

The Muffin Builder 3 editor has some excellent features. It makes adding sliders and counters very easy. It also has a functionality for optimizing a page for searchability in search engines. The result is a professional and unique website.

2. Frontend Design and Site Perfecting with Muffin Live Builder

The power of drag-and-drop website builders should not be underestimated. They allow anyone to build a professional WordPress website. Small business owners with little or no coding knowledge, too, can do it. But they also have some downsides.

Many developers are making these drag-and-drop builders and that is great. But not all builders are great to work with.

Many builders are intuitive but that goes at the cost of speed. Many of them avoid using the WordPress dashboard and instead use the website’s frontend. That means a tremendous increase in loading times. Some even get stuck during the process.

Another price that many builders ask of their users is customizability. Often users are stuck with the features and templates that the plugin offers. Or it means that they have to dive into WordPress and do everything else by hand.

BeTheme does not suffer from those problems. It offers a frontend builder called Muffin Live Builder.

A major advantage is that it is light and fast. This makes loading times much shorter and changes appear very fast on the screen.

Users do not have to choose between builders, and frontend or backend. For example, they can start building with the backend editor and use the frontend editor for perfecting the design.

3. Make awesome Web Shops with the Muffin Woo Builder

Most page builders have one single purpose; they help users to design websites. The visual elements help to see changes reflected on the screen as they make them.

A feature that most page builders lack, is building an eCommerce website.

So, whereas many builders allow users to create the usual pages, like About, Contact, and Home, they do not make commercial elements. The user then has to go to the WooCommerce interface to do that. There they can add elements like Cart, Checkout, Products, and Shop.

WooCommerce is a great plugin for creating eCommerce sites. But it is not the ideal tool for designing other parts of a website.

BeTheme has the one plugin that allows users to design all their website pages, including eCommerce pages. It uses Muffin Woo Builder.

With Muffin Woo Builder users can make or modify their personalized product and shop templates. They are no longer stuck with the standard ones that WooCommerce and other themes offer.

Muffin Woo Builder has some special features that other page builders do not have. These are some:

  • Sidebars
  • 11 product gallery styles
  • Settings for product images rendition
  • Creation of design rules for eCommerce pages
  • Wish lists
  • Header icon customization
  • Customizable variation swatches
  • Toggle cart button visibility
  • Choice of Shop and Catalogue mode

As said, WooCommerce is great for building shops but to customize them, other tools are needed. That usually means downloading another plugin or getting into the code and make backend changes. BeTheme offers all these options in one website building plugin.

4. Attractive Website Designing with More than 600 Pre-built Templates

BeTheme is not only the fastest WordPress builder, but it is also lightweight. Still, it offers the exact features for making the most beautiful and professional websites.

Another feature of BeTheme is the huge number of pre-built websites. There are more than 600 and new ones are added every week.

Installing one of these pre-built sites has a many advantages:

  • Add placeholders
  • Add images anywhere on the site
  • Compatible with any kind of plugin
  • Transfer complete websites to a previous WordPress installation

All users need to do is to swap the placeholder content for their own and they have a fully designed and functional website. It saves users hundreds of hours of hard work.

These features are real timesavers and saving time means saving money. All these 600+ prebuilt websites are included; they do not cost anything extra.

BeTheme is the total design package

The features that this article discussed clearly show that BeTheme is different from all other themes and plugins. This complete package includes two page builders, a WooCommerce builder, and more than 600 pre-built site templates.

Anyone that looks to build a WordPress site will find everything needed to design and build high-quality websites.

All these features are included in this deal low-priced deal. Discover the power of the BeTheme powerhouse now and streamline the way you work and wield all of these tools at your fingertips.

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